2854 Chapter 2854 was too wasteful

The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp! Shui Qing Zhu, 水清竹 2022/11/21 17:20:19

Island master Luo of red sand island was also dumbfounded. What was the meaning of this? Could it be to save their red sand island? Although his spirit was commendable, wasn’t this courting death?

Island master Luo hesitated for a moment, but he still summoned a large ship and let some young and strong islanders board the ship, preparing to rescue Yun Chujiu and the others.

At this time, the blazing fire seals were already very close to Yun Chujiu’s ship. Yun Chujiu didn’t pay attention to island master Kang’s lie Yan beside her, she said to the blazing fire seals, “I’m warning you, if you continue to move forward, I won’t be polite!”Lie Yan said to the blazing fire seals

The blazing fire seals didn’t think much of it. wasn’t she just letting out that big purple pig? ! What else could she do. Even though the purple pig was a little perverted, they might not lose in a real fight.

Just as lie Yan and the fire seals were thinking about it, they saw the little girl throw a stack of talismans at them.

Before lie Yan and the fire seals could react, they realized that they could not swim as fast as they wanted to. What kind of talismans was this?

Yun chujiu placed the piglet into the sea again. After a while, Da Hua was still flopping in the sea.

Lie Yan and the blazing fire seals were out of luck! As soon as they returned to normal, Yun Chujiu threw down the ice talisman again. Then, it was slapped by da Hua again.

Of course, this was an order given by Yun Chujiu to Da Hua. Otherwise, she could have killed more than ten blazing fire seals.

Island master Kang and Island Master Luo were dumbfounded!

How could this little girl have so many ice talisman? Could it be that her family sold talismans? Even if they sold talismans, they couldn’t waste them like this, right? This was too wasteful!

When the lie Yan seals saw that the situation was bad, they decided to escape!

Thus, the lie Yan seals once again fled in panic.

Yun chujiu waved at island master luo, “Island Master Luo, let’s go. Follow us to the lair of the lie Yan Seals.”

Island master Luo felt that his brain was a little lacking, so he was dragged onto the ship by Island Master Kang and continued to chase after the raging flame seals.

Island Master Kang had a little plan in his mind. More people meant more power. Besides, he couldn’t get on the pirate ship alone. It would be good to have more companions.

The raging flame seals were obviously depressed. Therefore, they chose the Crescent Island and decided to vent their anger on lie Yan.

Just as they were about to fight, they heard that damned brat shout, “Hey! Little Babies! What a coincidence! We meet again!”

Coincidence your head!

This damned brat did it on purpose!

The raging flame seals flew into a rage out of humiliation and charged towards Yun chujiu once again. Then, they were sent flying by da Hua again.

F * ck, even though they had tough skin and thick flesh, they couldn’t withstand such a fall! They didn’t say anything else and continued to run!

Yun Chujiu tricked island lord ji of Crescent Island into getting on the pirate ship again. Everyone continued to chase after lie Yan and lie Yan..

Lie Yan and lie Yan had been attacked by Lie Yan and lie Yan. After a few times, lie Yan and lie Yan had given up completely. They didn’t believe that lie Yan could pass through the heavenly fire zone.

Therefore, lie Yan’s group of fire seals swam towards the sky fire zone. The island owners on the big ship kept persuading Yun Chujiu to return as soon as possible.

If Yun Chujiu could listen to their persuasion, it would be a miracle!

Lie Yan said with a smile, “I’m just going to take a look. It Won’t be a big deal. At most, we can return to the edge of the island!”