2855 Chapter 2855 Heavenly Fire -LRB-monthly ticket)

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Seeing that they could not persuade her, the island masters could only follow her lead.

It was not until the next morning that Yun chujiu realized that the temperature had started to rise. She tried the sea water with her hands and found that it was indeed a little warmer than before.

Yun chujiu stretched her neck and opened it to the distance. She did not see the flame rising as she had imagined. She only saw a vast expanse of fog. Lie Yan, who was standing on the other side of the sea, was stunned.

Island master Kang explained from the side, “The heavenly fire is different from the fire on land. To be more precise, it’s just a very hot air.”

“Oh? How is that hot air formed?”Yun chujiu asked curiously.

“I don’t know about that. After all, that hot air is very terrifying. No one has ever approached it, let alone investigated its source.”. “However, looking from the bottom of the sea, I can see that every part of the heavenly fire is a huge whirlpool. Not to mention the terrifying heat, even the whirlpool is deadly,”island master Kang said.

Yun chujiu nodded. She really thought things were simple.

She originally thought that the so-called heavenly fire was nothing more than a thousand-year-old fire marrow. When the time came, she would just let the little flame swallow it. She did not expect that it was not the case at all.

However, it was also true. Even though the little flame would not be extinguished in the water, the heat would be greatly reduced. Therefore, how could the so-called heavenly fire be a thousand-year-old fire marrow? She had really taken it for granted.

While Yun Chujiu was in a daze, she was already very close to the blazing sea seals. Lie Yan and lie Yan were already very close to them.

It was very obvious that the blazing sea seals had deliberately slowed down their speed to wait for Yun Chujiu and lie Yan.

Lie Yan Seal Roar, which is full of provocation, that means, have the ability to follow them!

Yun chujiu curled her lips, these lie Yan seals are really bored.

I don’t know why they keep coming after the islanders. Although they did not lose, but also did not take advantage of Ah, why go to great lengths to find the Islanders Trouble? Was it just for fun?

A thought flashed through Yun Chujiu’s mind. She was really stupid. Wouldn’t she understand everything if she contracted a lie Yan Dolphin? Why was there a need to guess here?

Therefore, this fellow jumped into the sea.

The island owners were shocked. Was this little girl crazy? What was she trying to do?

The Lie Yan seals were also a little confused. Although this human little girl was abnormal, she seemed to be really sick. was she jumping down to let them eat her?

Lie Yan’s group of fire seals immediately turned around and surrounded Yun chujiu.

Yun chujiu pointed her little finger at Lie Yan’s group of fire seals. “A bunch of idiots. Let’s not talk about anything else. You guys can’t swim as fast as me.”

As Yun Chujiu said that, she swam out with a whoosh.

Lie Yan’s group of fire seals were so angry that they were twitching. They were sea beasts, so how could they not swim faster than her? !

So one after another bravely took the lead and chased after Yun Chujiu.

The people on the ship, see the front of the water churning, and then the little girl swim south down, followed by a string of Lie Yan Seal, this is doing?

Did she lose her mind? Shouldn’t we be running in the direction of their ship? Why are you heading south?

Yun chujiu provoked lie Yan as she ran. The flaming seals behind her were furious! When Yun Chujiu saw that some of the flaming seals had escaped from the group, she immediately released her piglet of spiritual power. When the piglet was about to disappear, da Hua came out lazily.

It was not da Hua’s fault. Anyone who was tortured more than ten times in a day would be bored. Besides, it was very boring to only be slapped away and not bitten to death?