2857 Chapter 2857 my mother calls me home for dinner

The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp! Shui Qing Zhu, 水清竹 2022/11/23 12:28:21

When the miserable fire seal heard Yun Chujiu’s muttering to herself, it was really a little surprised. It thought that humans were all the same greedy and wanted nothing more than to exterminate all of their demonic beasts. Lie Yan, lie Yan, lie Yan, lie Yan, lie Yan.., i Can’t believe this little girl thinks they’re right.

Yun chujiu rolled her eyes, then let the red carp change direction, Lie Yan Seal Group.

The people on the big ship cried out in shock. What was wrong with this little girl? Was she going to die?

At this moment, da Hua had already disappeared. Yun Chujiu released da Hua II to ensure that she had time to escape. However, this guy felt that he had to think of a way to release da Hua directly in the future. Otherwise, he would have to release the little piglet of spiritual power every time. It would be a waste of time.

Lie Yan was stunned when she saw Yun Chujiu return.

However, when they saw that Yun chujiu was riding the red carp, they were filled with righteous indignation and started to blame the red carp.

Lie Yan: “You Traitor!”

Lie Yan: “You spineless fool! You let a human subdue you. Are you worthy of your ancestors? !”

Lie Yan: “Not only did you betray us, you even became her mount. You Are Shameless!”

The red carp suddenly felt that it had nothing to live for. It did not want to do anything, Alright? Besides, although the little girl used the giant pig to deal with them, she did not hurt them. Therefore, the little human girl was not that bad. It was not a big deal for her to temporarily become her mount. Yes, it was not a big deal.

Although Yun chujiu did not understand the contents of the raging flame seals’roars, she could guess it from the reaction of the red carp. She sneered and said, “Lie Yan, don’t be afraid of me.”

“All of you are so righteous!”! “Come, those who are shouting the loudest, come here. I will establish a temporary contract with you.”. “Aren’t all of you willing to die?”? “After I establish the contract, you guys can self-destruct for me. Come over!”

Lie Yan: “My mother is calling me home for dinner. See You Later!”

Lie Yan: “What a coincidence. My mother is calling me home for dinner too. See You Later!”

Lie Yan: “Emma, what a coincidence. My mother is calling me home for dinner too. See You Later!”

The red carp saw that the fire seals on the other side were looking down on it. It suddenly felt that Yun Chujiu, the temporary owner of Lie Yan, had become much more powerful!

“Who is in charge here? Come out, I have something important to tell you,”Yun Chujiu said to the group of fire seals.

A few older fire seals swam over from behind. Although Yun Chujiu did not understand their words, with the red carp as a ready-made translator, she did not have any communication barriers.

“I feel that I have already shown you absolute kindness and sincerity. Otherwise, why would my da Hua only tease you and not bite you to death?”

The fire seals collectively rolled their eyes at Yun Chujiu. Could you be any more shameless? ! You chased them away like stray dogs? You are still kind? And sincere! ? Shameless!

However, they also felt that what Yun Chujiu said made some sense. This human girl really didn’t really hurt them. What was her purpose?

“Are you guys guessing my purpose? I’m not an islander of the raging flame sea, so I don’t have any conflict of interest with you guys. Lie Yan, I’m not an islander of the raging flame sea.”.

On the contrary, I’m a very kind person. I want to help you guys reconcile with the humans. “This is my motive,”Yun Chujiu said with a smile.