2858 Chapter 2858 held the attitude of giving it a try

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Reconciliation? Can Monsters and humans reconcile? Don’t joke around!

Lie Yan’s group of seals rolled their eyes again.

Yun chujiu continued with a smile, “I know that the reason why you are harassing the humans is for food. Bring me to your living area and I will check the sky fire.

“Perhaps I can extinguish some of the sky fire. In that case, the remaining sky fire can still be your defense barrier. Moreover, as the sky fire decreases, there will be more fish, so you don’t have to be on the same level as the humans.

“Of course, you can disagree. “However, this is your only chance. “Otherwise, if you really provoke the humans and they unite to seal the sea surface, you will starve to death. “Moreover, if you attack the Islanders frequently, your cultivation time will be greatly reduced. It is not worth the loss.”

After an hour of Yun Chujiu’s lie Yan, the leaders of the raging flame seals decided to give it a try and bring Yun chujiu into their territory.

They felt that this would bring them no harm. Although this little girl was abnormal, she would not be able to play any tricks in their territory.

After Yun Chujiu and lie Yan had finished discussing, she rode on the red carp and swam to the big ship, she said to the crowd, “I want to follow lie Yan and lie Yan to their nest. You guys wait here. Of course, if you have something urgent, just let my two companions wait for me.”

As Yun Chujiu was quite far away from the big ship, the crowd didn’t hear what Yun Chujiu said. They were so curious that they wanted to die. What the hell! How could those fire seals coexist peacefully with lie Yan? And they even agreed to let her go to their nest?

Island master Kang couldn’t help but ask, “Miss Yun, those fire seals agreed to let you go to their nest? Why did they agree?”

Yun Chujiu said with a smile, “Why didn’t they agree? I’m not going to hurt them. I’m just going to visit them.”

Island Master Kang:”…”

Weren’t humans and Demon Beasts incompatible with each other? Weren’t the raging flame seals afraid that this little girl would lie Yan? Wasn’t this little girl afraid that the raging flame seals would eat her?

Island master Kang and the others shook their heads. They felt that they didn’t have enough brains!

An Linchuan and Shangguan Hao tried to stop them but to no avail. They suggested that they should go with them. Yun chujiu waved her hand and said, “I can pass through the heavenly fire zone. You Won’t be able to. Just wait for me here. Don’t worry, I know what to do.”

An Linchuan and Shangguan Hao knew that although Yun Chujiu was bold, she wouldn’t do it recklessly. Perhaps she already had a plan in mind, so they didn’t insist.

After a few words of advice, island master Kang and the others saw that Yun Chujiu insisted, so they didn’t say anything more. After all, they weren’t related, so a few words of advice was already enough.

Therefore, Yun chujiu rode on the red carp, surrounded by the group of blazing sea seals, and headed toward the sky fire district. Lie Yan was not afraid of the blazing sea seals, but she was afraid of them.

As they approached the sky fire district, the temperature became higher and higher, and the fog became thicker. Fortunately, the blazing sea seals were familiar with the route, so they avoided the hottest part of the Sky Fire District and the Whirlpool District.

Yun chujiu had the beads of guai Cao and the water repellent beads, so she was not afraid of the hot water at all. Besides, this guy also had the fire repelling bead. Although these were hot air and not flames, the fire repelling bead could still play a role.

This guy was proud of himself. Did you see that? There were still benefits to being greedy for money. If she did not have these treasures, would she be safe and sound? Therefore, she had to carry out her greed to the end!