2859 Chapter 2859: Monsters

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The flaming seals had originally planned to watch Yun Chujiu’s fun. They thought to themselves, “This little girl doesn’t know the immensity of Heaven and earth. She will definitely be scalded by the hot water and cry out loud. Let’s see how she will be able to show off then!”Lie Yan’s eyes lit up!

They did not expect Yun chujiu to be completely fine. She was still humming a little tune. She wanted to be more relaxed and at ease.

The flaming seals that were gloating over lie Yan’s misfortune immediately wilted. This human little girl was not only a pervert with her spiritual beast, she was also a pervert!

After passing through a few heavenly fire zones, Yun Chujiu finally arrived at the living area of the flaming seals.

This was a blue sea area with a few large reefs scattered around. The pups of the flaming seals were playing and playing on it. It was indeed a paradise for the flaming seals.

Of course, the only bad thing about this paradise was that all the F * cking fish had been eaten! Other than some aquatic plants, the rest of the food had been eaten by the lie Yan seals.

The corner of Yun Chujiu’s eyes twitched. No wonder these foodies took the risk to go out and harass the islanders. They had no choice but to do so.

Seeing that the lie Yan seals were so hungry that they began to gnaw on the grass, Yun Chujiu showed a rare kindness.

In any case, there were many demon beast corpses in this storage ring, so she took out some and fed them to the lie Yan Seals.

The raging flame seals fully understood the saying, ‘a mother with milk is a mother’, and lie Yan was a mother.

The attitude of the raging flame seals, who originally despised the red carp, changed drastically. They changed from defensive hostility to flattery, and all of them swam around a certain jiu.

The Red Carp was an honor. What did this mean? It meant that it was the one with the farthest vision. Those idiots actually denounced it? Ptui! Idiots without foresight.

Yun chujiu discovered that the living area of the flaming seal was surrounded by heavenly flames. The west side was an island inhabited by humans, but what about the east side? Lie Yan and Yun Chujiu were both shocked?

Yun Chujiu explained her question, and the red carp mysteriously explained, “Master, there’s a monster in the East!”

Yun chujiu almost fell off the reef. A Monster? ! You guys are clearly monsters, okay? !

The red carp saw that Yun chujiu did not believe it, it became anxious. “Master, what I said is true! There’s really a monster in the east! If we didn’t have the protection of the heavenly fire, we would have been eaten by it long ago! Do you know why we don’t have any fish here? One is that we can eat more, and the fish upstream were eaten by that monster!”

Yun chujiu blinked her eyes. “You’ve been talking for a long time. What does the monster look like?”

“The monster doesn’t look like it,”the red carp said seriously.

Yun chujiu was so angry that she almost kicked the red carp away. What do you mean it doesn’t look like it? !

“The monster is just a cloud of fog, but after being wrapped by it, it will be eaten by it. We didn’t know before that many of our companions were eaten by the monster!

“From then on, we didn’t dare to go to the east. “Actually, the area in the east is much larger than the area in the west. However, I reckon that the fish inside have been eaten by the monster. “Fortunately, we have the protection of the heavenly fire. Otherwise, none of us would have survived.”The red carp said with lingering fear.

Yun Chujiu felt that the doubts in her heart were getting deeper and deeper. Why did the demon that was said to have been extinct appear again and again? Could it also be related to the Divine Devil Hall?

Could it be that these heavenly flames were to suppress that demon? If that was the case, then the heavenly flames could not be moved. Otherwise, wouldn’t it be terrible if the demon was released?