2863 Chapter 2863 killing demons with flying knives

The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp! Shui Qing Zhu, 水清竹 2022/11/23 12:28:23

“Hehe, handsome man! Come to me, I love you!”A certain jiu wiped the saliva from her mouth and said pervertedly.

The succubus suppressed the discomfort in her heart and waved at Yun Chujiu. “Come over! Follow me back. Today is our wedding night.”

Yun chujiu disliked the red carp below and kicked it away. She said pervertedly, “Get lost! I’m going to fall into the arms of a handsome man!”

Yun chujiu’s kick was very strong, and it sent the red carp flying in an instant.

Lie Yan kicked the other flame seals away one after another and muttered, “Get lost! Don’t hinder me from getting close to the handsome man.”

A smug look appeared on the Succubus’face. She was just a little girl in the sixth layer of the Lingxuan realm, how could she resist my eye of charm. ! Just a moment ago, she looked like she wouldn’t give in no matter what, but now she couldn’t wait any longer.

Yun chujiu quickly pounced in front of the Succubus, her eyes filled with passionate adoration. “Beautiful Man, come, Let’s Kiss First!”

The succubus was so shocked that she almost sank into the sea. Even the devil world didn’t have such an unrestrained girl, this was too scary! However, such a passionate beauty should be more interesting.

The Succubus’s eyes revealed a lustful look. She bent down and wanted to kiss Yun Chujiu’s lips.

At this moment, Yun Chujiu raised her right hand and the flame of the ten-thousand-year-old fire marrow gushed out. The succubus was still dreaming. She did not expect Yun chujiu to sneak an attack. She was burned by the flame and immediately let out a miserable cry.

I’ll Take Your Life While You’re sick!

Yun chujiu raised her big kitchen knife and hacked fiercely, and the Succubus’s scream became even more shrill. “You, you actually didn’t fall for my eye of Charm? Not only do you have the ten-thousand-year-old fire marrow, but you also have the heaven-punisher axe? !”

Yun chujiu didn’t say anything. She kept firing the flame and hacking!

The few flaming seals also woke up. Although they knew that there was a limit to their help, they still spared no effort in spitting fireballs at the succubus. Lie Yan and the rest of the flaming seals also woke up.

Although their fireballs were not as strong as the ten-thousand-year-old fire marrow, they were still much stronger than ordinary fire. Therefore, they could still be of some help.

If it knew that Yun Chujiu had the Heaven Punisher Axe, it would not have provoked her no matter what. It was so regretful that it wanted to vomit blood.

As expected, the power of the small flame had weakened a lot in the sea. The succubus seized the opportunity to flee into the distance.

The succubus was extremely fast. Yun chujiu could not catch up at all. This fellow knew that if he did not kill it this time, it would be a disaster when it returned.

This fellow was also anxious. He exerted force with his right hand and the kitchen knife flew out with a whoosh.

This guy regretted after throwing it. Damn it, it was not a throwing knife. How could this work? If he did not let the succubus take the kitchen knife away again, he would lose more than he gained!

This guy watched helplessly as the kitchen knife started to fall after flying for a short distance. Obviously, it was impossible for him to catch up with the succubus.

This guy sighed. “Sigh! I thought I could kill the enemy with a throwing knife! It seems impossible!”

Before Yun Chujiu finished her sentence, a red light flashed on the kitchen knife and it suddenly sped up and slashed at the succubus.

The succubus let out a shrill scream and the black fog instantly dissipated into the sea, as if it had never existed.

Before Yun Chujiu could celebrate, she saw the kitchen knife sink into the sea..