2864 Chapter 2864, the heavenly fire was gone

The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp! Shui Qing Zhu, 水清竹 2022/11/23 12:28:23

Yun chujiu quickly swam over and picked up the large kitchen knife.

This guy was stunned to find that there was actually a crack on the large kitchen knife. Immediately, this guy’s heart skipped a beat. It was over! Was the large kitchen knife going to die? There was already a gap, and now it was cracked. Didn’t they say that this was the Heaven Punisher Divine Axe? How could it crack?

This Guy’s heart ached! Tears almost fell from his eyes! The large kitchen knife was a good treasure for traveling at home. He didn’t expect it to die now!

But this guy had no choice. He couldn’t take it to the blacksmith’s shop to repair it, right?

Yun Chujiu had no choice but to put the large kitchen knife into her storage ring. She said that she didn’t have the time to get a knife case. When she finished settling the people on Chessboard Island, she really had to get a knife case.

Several leaders of the lie Yan seal saw that the monster that troubled them was dead, simply happy don’t don’t want!

Due to the heroic performance of the red carp, several leaders also spare no effort to praise, as long as a few years, this guy is also expected to be a leader.

Now that the Succubus was dead, the sky fire only needed to leave a few spots for lie Yan to hide. It would be best if the rest of the sky fire could be disposed of. Only then would there be more fish and sea beasts in the Sea of fire, only then would lie Yan be able to satisfy the needs of the islanders and lie Yan.

It was indeed a huge whirlpool with hot air rising continuously. Where did the hot air come from?

Yun chujiu circled around the whirlpool a few times but still didn’t find anything new.

This guy decided to forget about it and not take the risk.

Anyway, the blazing dolphins could hunt in the east in the future and wouldn’t have any conflicts with the islanders. After discussing with Island Master Kang and the others, they should be able to carve out an island for the people of Chessboard Island.

When Yun Chujiu thought of this and was about to leave, she found that the sand at the bottom of the sea started to churn, the whirlpool became smaller and smaller, and the temperature of the sea became lower and lower..

Not long after, the whirlpool actually disappeared!

Almost at the same time, all the heavenly flames disappeared!

Did she not do anything right? This was great. The blazing dolphins probably hated lie Yan to death! Once the heavenly flames disappeared, they had no defensive barrier. The islanders had to kill them all. What a sin!

Just as Yun Chujiu was feeling frustrated, the red carp swam to her side and said loudly, “Master, did you destroy the Heavenly Flames?”

“It really wasn’t me. Listen to me. I did save you before, but I really didn’t destroy the heavenly flames.”Yun Chujiu was afraid that the flaming seal would hold a grudge against her, so she kept explaining.

“Master, you don’t have to say anymore. I know you’re very low-key. Who else can extinguish the heavenly fire other than you? Don’t Be Humble!”

“It really wasn’t me…”

“Master, are you afraid that we’ll lose our defensive barrier and hold a grudge against you?”? “Don’t worry. There’s an underwater volcano at the end of the Sea of flames. We’ll move our home there. When that happens, we won’t be afraid of being attacked by others and we won’t be afraid of having nothing to eat. That’s Great!”Lie Yan said! “Oh right, master, did you really say that you didn’t do it?”

“Ah, then what? I was joking with you! Of course, I was the one who extinguished the heavenly fire. Other than me, no one else has the ability to do it…”a certain Jiu said shamelessly.

This fellow guessed that the heavenly fire should be a spell formation to suppress the succubus. Since the Succubus was dead, the spell formation was ineffective. Therefore, it was only natural that the credit should go to her!