2867 Chapter 2867: Get Lost or die

The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp! Shui Qing Zhu, 水清竹 2022/11/23 12:28:24

In fact, Yun Chujiu did not want to use this jade token easily. Although di beiming said it was easy, she was not stupid. She knew that splitting out such a wisp of spiritual sense would harm di beiming, so unless it was a last resort.., she did not want to use it.

Yun chujiu gritted her teeth and held on for a while longer. If it really did not work, she would crush the jade token again!

At this moment, Da Hua had already appeared out of nowhere.

The people of the Divine Devil Hall cried out in surprise. They had never seen such a big spiritual beast, and it was actually a pig?

The spiritual tiger and the two spiritual leopards of the golden-masked man were instantly terrified. Although they didn’t disappear, they were still hesitant and looked extremely afraid.

Yun chujiu regained some confidence in her heart. Perhaps da Hua could hold on for a while, but she would wait and see.

“Da Hua! Attack! Kill him!”Yun chujiu shouted as she used her spiritual needles to attack the golden-masked man.

Da Hua had suffered a serious blow from the succubus. Now that he finally had a chance to redeem himself, he naturally spared no effort.

He stomped on the three spiritual beasts that were huddled together and opened his mouth to bite the golden-masked man.

The golden-masked man hurriedly dodged and then roared at his subordinates, “Are you all dead? Why aren’t you doing anything? !”

Only then did the people from the Divine Devil Hall come back to their senses. One after another, they released their spiritual beasts and pounced towards da Hua, Yun Chujiu, and the other two.

Although da Hua had bitten and thrashed away many spiritual beasts, it also dissipated very quickly on its own.

Yun chujiu quickly released another batch of spiritual piglets. Da Hua the second charged out again.

Yun chujiu gritted her teeth. She couldn’t hold on any longer! It seemed that she could only crush the jade token.

Yun chujiu crushed the jade token hanging around her neck with force, but nothing happened. This fellow was so angry that he almost lashed out.

Gigolo, you tricked me!

While this fellow was lashing out angrily, he finally heard the voice of a certain god, “Do you all want to die?”

The voice was filled with immense pressure and the people from the Divine Devil Hall could not help but stop their attacks. Some of the weaker ones even knelt on the ground.

At this moment, di Beiming’s figure appeared in front of everyone. However, it was not a physical body but a phantom.

“Either get lost or Die! It’s your choice,”a certain Jiu said coldly.

A certain Jiu felt that her pretty boy was simply too cool and domineering! Too Cool!

This guy secretly decided to memorize this sentence and save it for later to show off.

The voice of the Jin Mian person trembled slightly as he asked, “You, who are you?”

“This venerable one has already given you the chance to choose. Since you didn’t get lost, then you want to die. This venerable one will grant you your wish!”

After that, the figure of a certain venerate appeared before Jin Mian Like a ghost. With a single palm strike, Jin Mian died.

After that venerate killed Jin Mian, he shuttled through the crowd a few times, causing more than half of the people from the Divine Devil Hall to die.

The remaining people didn’t even have the time to run when the figure of a certain venerate appeared before them. After a short moment, other than the corpses on the ground, it was as though nothing had happened.

The figure of a certain someone had already become very faint, he walked in front of Yun Chujiu and glared at her. “I told you to cultivate properly and not get into trouble. Why didn’t you listen? What are you waiting for? Why aren’t you leaving this place before I disappear? !”

Yun chujiu glanced at the storage rings on the hands of the Divine Devil Hall members. Although she felt a little pained, she was afraid that a certain someone would flip out, so she followed the figure of a certain someone and ran forward.