2869 Chapter 2869, anti-hunting

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When an Linchuan and Shangguan Hao heard Yun Chujiu’s words, they immediately shifted their attention from the cloak to a certain person.

An Linchuan asked with a cheeky smile, “Junior Sister Little Jiu, who is that person? His spiritual power is too powerful, isn’t it? Just a wisp of spiritual sense is already so powerful. If he is a real person, wouldn’t he be invincible in the world?”

Yun chujiu glanced at him. “He is the one you said has no eyes. If there is a chance, I will pass on your words to him.”

An Linchuan was terrified. “Junior Sister Little Jiu, don’t! Senior brother has always been honest with you. You Can’t harm senior brother! Senior brother hasn’t married yet. I don’t want to see the King of Hell so early!”

The three of them chatted and laughed as they headed deeper into the snow mountain.

As their bodies weren’t cold, they felt that the snow mountain wasn’t as scary as they had imagined.

However, as they went deeper into the heart of the Snow Mountain, the snow on the ground became thicker and thicker. It became more and more strenuous for the three of them to walk, and they could not help but gasp for air.

Yun chujiu narrowed her eyes. It was too tiring to walk like this. It was best to get a few mounts. Why were there no demonic beasts that came to their doorstep?

Just as this fellow was thinking, the roar of a beast came from afar. This fellow was happy. The mounts had arrived!

The three miserable mountain-shaking snow bears were tricked into becoming the mounts of the three of them in a muddle-headed manner. As a result, the three of them had a much more comfortable life!

The three of them rode on the back of the bear. Firstly, they did not have to work hard to leave on their own. Secondly, when they encountered a snowstorm, they could even hide in the long fur of the mountain-shaking Snow Bear. Lastly, they could even shelter themselves from the wind and keep warm when they slept at night, it was simply wonderful!

The three of them were extremely happy. The people from the Divine Devil Hall who had followed them from behind were simply out of luck!

They had originally blocked off a few passageways for Yun chujiu to return to the primordial chaos sect. However, they did not expect that neither the left nor the right had come. Finally, through some clues, they determined that the three of them had chosen to cross the Canglan Snow Mountain.

The people from the Divine Devil Hall all thought that Yun Chujiu and the other two were crazy!

The environment of the Canglan Snow Mountain was extremely harsh. Not only was the weather extremely cold, but demonic beasts were also rampant. were they crazy?

The people from the Divine Devil Hall naturally did not want to follow them into the Canglan Snow Mountain. However, the higher-ups had given their lives. This time, they wanted to kill Yun Chujiu no matter what, so they could only bitterly follow them into the Canglan Snow Mountain.

They did not have the overcoats of the nine-tailed fox to keep them warm, nor did they have the mountain shaking snow bear to carry them. Each step they took left a deep footprint as they chased after them bitterly.

At this time, a certain Jiu had already arrived at the halfway point of the Canglan Snow Mountain. She stood on the back of the mountain shaking Snow Bear and looked down. She saw several slowly moving black spots.

This fellow blinked his eyes. It seemed that the people of the Divine Devil Hall had come to chase after them. Rather than letting them chase after them, it was better to kill them.

Therefore, this fellow began to recruit soldiers and horses.

Of course, the soldiers were all demon beasts from the snow mountain. Regardless of their size or the level of their spiritual power, they were all collected. Then, they set up an ambush circle and waited for the arrival of the people of the Divine Devil Temple.

The people of the Divine Devil Temple did not know that Hei Xinjiu had already set up a trap. It was no wonder. They had never heard of any prey setting up a trap to deal with the hunters.

Therefore, the people of the Divine Devil Hall were not prepared at all. They were killed completely by the demon beasts that had set up an ambush.

Yun chujiu watched coldly from the side. Want to kill her? Dream On!

This time, this guy did not waste the opportunity to make a small fortune. He kept their storage rings and continued to move forward.

“Junior Sister Xiaojiu, since the people of the Divine Devil Hall have chased to the Snow Mountain, I’m afraid they have already set up an ambush near the snow mountain. What should we do next?”Shangguan Hao said.