2870 Chapter 2870 was the blade used to kill demons

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Yun chujiu frowned. The Divine Devil Hall had really put in a lot of effort this time. It seemed like they would not stop until she was dead. It was likely that there would be ambushes along the way, not just around the Snowy Mountains.

Yun chujiu rolled her eyes. “Let’s Go! We’ll go back the same way we came! This is called ‘there is reality in the illusion, and there is emptiness in the reality. The illusion is real, and the reality is real.’those idiots from the Divine Devil Hall will not be able to figure it out.”

An Linchuan and Shangguan Hao were stunned at first, then they gave her a thumbs up!

“Junior Sister Little Jiu, you’re really too smart!”! The people from the Divine Devil Hall would never have thought that we would go back the same way. Their people must have been waiting for us at the foot of the Snow Mountain. Who would have thought that we would go back the same way? hahaha!”An Linchuan was now completely in awe of Yun Chujiu.

The three of them directed the mountain-shaking snow bear to return by the same route. When they reached the foot of the snow mountain, Yun Chujiu gave the three mountain-shaking snow bears some medicinal pills before swaggering out of the Snow Mountain.

Yun chujiu rolled her eyes and found a flying spirit tool from the storage rings of the people from the Divine Devil Hall. After refining it, the three of them followed the original route back to the primordial chaos sect.

The people from the Divine Devil Hall had been lying in ambush on the other side of the snow mountain. After waiting for a few days, they still did not see Yun Chujiu and the other two. They wondered if the three of them had already lost their lives on the snow mountain?

Since there was no way to use the talisman on the snow mountain, they did not know that the group of people they were chasing had already died. They could only continue to stand guard near the snow mountain.

At this time, Yun Chujiu and the other two had already arrived at Ninghai City near the primordial chaos sect while humming a tune.

The reason why Yun Chujiu did not return to the primordial chaos sect was that this fellow was too greedy!

Aunt Li’s food was extremely delicious. The food that this fellow had brought over had long been eaten up. Therefore, she planned to let Aunt Li Cook more delicious food so that she could eat it in the future.

Moreover, she planned to match the large kitchen knife with a knife sheath so that she could carry the large kitchen knife with her at all times. This way, she would not be unable to take out the large kitchen knife due to the restriction of her spiritual power.

Ning Hai city was the territory of the Hun Yuan sect, so the people of the Divine Devil Hall did not dare to show their faces here. Yun Chujiu and the other two finally let out a sigh of relief.

When the three of them arrived at the shop selling equipment, the shop assistant came over and asked, “Dear guests, what equipment do you want to choose? Let me introduce it to you.”

Yun chujiu took out the kitchen knife and said, “I plan to equip my kitchen knife with a knife sheath, the kind that you can carry with you at all times.”

The waiter:”…”Are you kidding me?

The waiter endured it and said, “Miss, if you want to put a knife cover on your kitchen knife, I suggest you go out and turn right to the grocery store.”

Yun chujiu suddenly had a short temper!

Was her kitchen knife a kitchen knife? It was a demon-killing knife!

Damn it, the kitchen knife had already been cracked, and now it was being discriminated against! This was simply intolerable!

This fellow was purely venting his anger. He swung the kitchen knife and hacked the counter of the other shop!

The counter shattered into pieces, and the waiter was instantly dumbfounded! The shopkeeper behind hurriedly ran out when he heard the sound. After asking for the reason, he berated the waiter and then said with a smile,

“Miss, my waiter doesn’t know how to speak, please calm down. There are many knife cases here, let me introduce them to you.”

Yun Chujiu also knew that she was angry because of the crack on the big kitchen knife, so she didn’t argue anymore.

There were a lot of knife cases in this shop, but they could only be opened with spiritual power. It was no different from a storage ring.

Yun chujiu also bought a bunch of defensive spiritual weapons to make up for her loss of composure before leaving the shop.