2873 Chapter 2873: beat them up every time you see them

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Since Jin Zhi and ye Bingyu were both cultivating in seclusion, Yun chujiu went to Tianji Peak’s mulberry field by herself.

She was very familiar with giving snow jade silkworm a month. Therefore, she spent most of the day free.

On this day, after Yun Chujiu finished her work in the mulberry field, she wandered around Tianji Peak to pass the time. While she was walking, she was blocked by someone.

Yun chujiu took a look and saw that it was ye bingying.

She had almost forgotten about ye Bingying and fan Mingchuan. She didn’t expect that Ye Bingying would show up again.

“Yun Chujiu, although cousin Mingchuan was deceived by you in the past and expressed some good feelings toward you, it was all a misunderstanding. Therefore, I hope that you stay away from cousin Mingchuan in the future and don’t wander around Tianji Peak all the time,”ye Bingying said with a gloomy face.

Yun chujiu glanced at her. “Are you sick? “I’m here to take care of the Snow Jade Silkworm in the mulberry garden, not to look after your precious cousin. “If you have any objections, go to Mountain Masster Zhuo. If he agrees, I promise not to take even half a step into Tianji Peak.”

“You, you, HMPH! You Say it nicely. This place is very far from the Mulberry Garden. Why did you come here? Didn’t you know that this place is not far from my cousin Mingchuan’s courtyard, so you came here on purpose?

“Let me tell you, you’re just a handyman. You Can’t compare to me and Mingchuan’s cousin at all. You better be careful!”Ye Bingying’s expression became even uglier when she saw Yun chujiu using mountain masster Zhuo to suppress her.

“That’s right, I’m just a handyman, but I dare to beat YOU UP! If you don’t step aside, I’ll Take Action!”Yun Chujiu said faintly.

This guy used to be very happy to tear a piece of trash to play with, but now he had no interest. F * ck, the immortal essence continent was about to fall into a crisis, and this little B * Tch was still thinking about her cousin. She really had nothing better to do.

Ye Bingying was about to fly into a rage, but a tearful expression suddenly appeared on her face. “Cousin Mingchuan, you came at the right time. Little Jiu, she bullied me!”

Yun Chujiu was dumbfounded. Damn, this White Lotus was so lifelike. If it wasn’t for her being the main character, she would have felt that bullying such a white lotus was unforgivable.

“Yun Chujiu! Don’t go too far! I’ve already been forced to make a statement, and I don’t like you anymore. Why are you making things difficult for cousin Bingying?”Fan Mingchuan said to Yun chujiu with a gloomy face.

Fan Mingchuan hated Yun Chujiu to death in his heart. He had been successful since he was young, but he had suffered a loss at Yun Chujiu’s hands, especially when he was forced to make such a shameful statement, however, he was worried about the strength of the previous person, so he did not dare to cause trouble for Yun Chujiu.

He had already planned in his heart that there would be plenty of time in the future. When he found an opportunity, he would deal with this B * Tch and avenge his past shame.

As for the matter between him and Ye Bingying, it was nothing more than to prove to everyone that he, Fan Mingchuan, was very popular. The matter with Yun Chujiu previously was all a misunderstanding.

Of course, this had a lot to do with Ye Bingying taking the initiative to ask about his well-being and the fact that they had a common enemy. Fan Mingchuan was just looking for some psychological comfort.

Yun chujiu turned around and looked at fan Mingchuan, whose face was gloomy, the corners of her lips curled up. “Fan Mingchuan, Ye Bingying, for the last time, I have no interest in Fan Mingchuan at all. Such scum is not even worthy to carry my shoes!

“If you meet me in the future, you’d better take a detour. Otherwise, I’ll beat you up every time I see you. If you don’t believe me, Let’s give it a try.”

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