2875 Chapter 2875 the relationship between the five dried fish

The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp! Shui Qing Zhu, 水清竹 2022/11/23 12:28:27

Manager Zhong did not know that these were the kittens’reserve rations. He held the five dried fish in his hands and his expression was very subtle.

Previously, he had listened to that person’s instructions and deliberately made things difficult for Yun Chujiu. After that, he had repeatedly crossed swords with Yun Chujiu. In short, he had not been able to take advantage of her.

He thought that Yun chujiu already hated him to death. He did not expect that now, she would actually bring him five dried fish?

Although these five dried fish were not worth much, it was more than just courtesy! Did this mean that this troublemaker did not hate him?

Manager Zhong had long regretted it. Although that person’s status was not low, Yun Chujiu was clearly valued by the sect master now. If he went against her, he was simply asking for trouble.

Everyone looked at manager Zhong with a dumbfounded expression as he looked at the five dried fish lovingly. They thought to themselves, is this manager zhong sick? It’s just five dried fish, how could he be so touched? Aren’t his eyelids too shallow?

Fan Mingchuan and Ye Bingying felt a chill in their hearts. Could manager Zhong help them with this attitude?

Manager zhong put the dried fish into his storage ring, then, he coughed twice. “Yun Chujiu, this is different. Although we have a good relationship in private, why did you attack Fan Mingchuan and Ye Bingying? But what did they do that crossed your bottom line?”

Yun Chujiu’s mouth twitched. A good relationship in private? Yes, that’s right. A relationship of five dried fish!

Fan Mingchuan and ye Bingying were so angry that they were twitching. What did he mean by they did something that crossed her bottom line? Manager Zhong’s question was obviously biased towards Yun Chujiu.

Yun chujiu curled her lips. “As the saying goes, dogs don’t get in the way. They got in my way, so I didn’t like them, so I beat them up. That’s all.”

Manager Zhong was on the verge of breaking down. In order to repay the five dried fish, he had specially found a reason for her. He didn’t expect that this guy would find a reason that was not pleasing to the eye? What are you playing at?

Manager Zhong coughed. “Fan Mingchuan, Ye Bingying, why are you blocking Yun Chujiu’s Way?”

“Manager Zhong, Yun Chujiu and I are sisters. I only asked a few questions out of concern. In the end, she said hurtful words and even kicked me…”

Yun Chujiu suddenly jumped up and kicked ye Bingying. “I kicked you, you little B * Tch! How dare you complain? I’ll beat you to death!”

This guy turned around and kicked fan Mingchuan, who had a blank look on his face. “And you! You Toad, you want to eat swan meat! How Dare You Dream of me, Fairy Xiao Jiu? I’ll kick you to death!”

Manager Zhong only wanted to do one thing now, and that was to throw the five dried fish on Yun Chujiu’s face. If he had known this guy was so arrogant, he wouldn’t have dared to accept the five dried fish! This fellow might even bite him back and say that he had accepted a bribe..

The more manager Zhong thought about it, the more afraid he became. He said anxiously, “Yun Chujiu, you beat up your fellow disciples. You will be punished. You will be punished to go to No. 1 to meditate and meditate for three days!”

No. 1 to meditate for three days? Three Days? Isn’t your punishment too light? Are you playing?

Yun chujiu smiled brightly. “Your punishment is too light. You will punish me to go to No. 16 to meditate for three days! The deadline is two months!”

Could This Yun chujiu be out of her mind? How could she give herself a heavier punishment? And reflect on the cave on the 16th? Did she want to die?

Manager Zhong was stunned for a moment, then said, “Yun Chujiu, are you so angry that you’re not thinking clearly? Forget it, since you’re sick, let’s forget about this matter!”

Was it really good to cover up so brazenly?