Chapter 1130

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Chapter 1130: Chapter 1130

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“You.” The fire in Alisa’s eyes was about to burn the place down. She slapped the table, stood up, and was about to curse at Chen Meng’er. However, as soon as she stood up, she noticed that because she had slapped the table too loudly just now, many people in the hall were looking in their direction.

Outside, Alisa, who had always paid attention to her image, could only suppress the anger in her heart toward Chen Meng’er and sit down. After Alisa sat down, she took a deep breath and forced herself to calm down. She told herself that she had to stay calm and not fall into Chen Meng’er’s trap. Yuwen Jing would come over later. When that time came, it would not be good if he saw her current appearance.

“Chen Meng’er, I don’t have time to have afternoon tea with you today and chat. If you want to have afternoon tea with me, let’s do it another day.” Alisa put away her vixen appearance and returned to her usual socialite appearance in front of everyone.

“Miss Kennedy, why are you still pretending in front of me? Do you actually think I want to have afternoon tea with you? If you didn’t insist on giving this thing to my fiance, I wouldn’t have come here.” Chen Meng’er threw the envelope on the table.

Alisa saw the envelope that Chen Meng’er had thrown on the table, and she shrank. She immediately reached out and picked up the envelope. Then, she widened her eyes and looked at Chen Meng’er. “Why is this letter with you? Did you snatch it from Xibo’s men? Chen Meng’er, do you know that it’s illegal to open other people’s letters without permission?” Alisa still could not hold it in. The voice that questioned Chen Meng’er grew louder and louder.

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Facing Alisa’s questioning, Chen Meng’er sat there as steady as a mountain. She took a sip of the water that the waiter had poured earlier.

“Miss Kennedy, I advise you to pay attention to your image. This isn’t your home. Everyone is watching your every move. I think that in less than an hour, your behavior here will be spread throughout Country Y’s socialite circle.” Chen Meng’er put down the cup.

“Hmph, Chen Meng’er, other than threatening me, what else do you know? I really don’t know why Xibo’s family would agree to let you become the matriarch of the Buyano family. It’s really embarrassing to have a matriarch like you.” In the end, Alisa was still concerned about her own image. Because of Chen Meng’er’s words, she stopped baring her fangs and brandishing her claws. “I will let everyone know how lowly your actions are, to actually open other people’s letters.”

However, as long as Alisa thought about how Chen Meng’er had privately intercepted the envelope that she had given to Yuwen Jing from Baro’s hands, she couldn’t remain calm.

“I advise you to not do it. If you were to say anything, I think the one who would be more embarrassed wouldn’t be me, but you.” Chen Meng’er raised her eyes and looked at Alisa as she said with a smile.

“Ha, you are the one who opened the letter privately, not me.” Alisa was angered by Chen Meng’er and laughed.

“Are you sure that I opened your letter privately? Okay, even if I opened your letter privately, but who was your letter to? It was to Xibo. I think everyone knows that Xibo Buyano is my fiance. You wrote a love letter to my fiance. Tell me what people will say about you if this gets out? Besides, who told you that I opened the letter you wrote to my fiance? Can’t it be that he told me to read it?” Chen Meng’er said. She leaned forward, her eyes fixed on Alisa.