Chapter 1132

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Chapter 1132: Chapter 1132

When Master Kennedy entered the hospital and Meng, the mysterious investor of the Kennedy family, suddenly appeared and requested to withdraw their investment, the Kennedy family fell into unprecedented chaos.

The noble families in Country Y were not as harmonious as they appeared on the surface. The families were all eyeing each other like tigers eyeing their prey. When they heard that the Kennedy family was in trouble and had offended someone they shouldn’t have offended, their restless hearts started to stir once again.

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If it weren’t for Chen Meng’er’s people watching, the Kennedy family would have been torn into countless pieces before Chen Meng’er could exact her revenge.

However, Chen Meng’er didn’t stop the decline of the Kennedy family’s stocks. This was because she had already told Zhou Yunjie to be prepared. Once the Kennedy family’s stocks fell, they would wantonly buy the Kennedy family’s stocks.

Because Chen Meng’er was prepared, she was one step ahead of them. This caused the other families to curse secretly behind their backs. Who was so quick to snatch more than half of the Kennedy family’s stocks before them?

As soon as the Kennedy family was in trouble, the previously lively mafia suddenly fell silent. Not only did they not deal with Chen Meng’er, but they also didn’t even raise a finger against Yi Jianwang’s gang.

After everyone settled down, Chen Meng’er and the group of people also became idle. Chen Meng’er saw that Zhou Yunjie and the others had been busy working for her and the Green Gang for so many years and didn’t even have time to rest.

Chen Meng’er secretly thought that Zhou Yunjie would fall in love with her again. It might have something to do with the fact that he faced her and Su Jin all day long and didn’t even have the chance to meet other girls. Therefore, she gave him some time off to go be a normal boy and have some fun.

However, she didn’t expect that her proposal would be rejected by Zhou Yunjie. Thus, her vacation became a gathering for a group of people.

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When Yi Jianwang heard that there was a gathering, he got a big barbecue grill. They had a huge beer and barbecue party.

Alas, too much beer made some people run their mouths.

“This time, the Kennedy family is going to be finished. Tell me, who did Master Kennedy offend? He actually offended you, Little Miss! Isn’t that courting death?” Zhou Yunbo asked as he took a big gulp of beer.

“Exactly. Who is your little miss? She is someone who even I, Yi Jianwang, has to be polite to.” Yi Jianwang drank quite a lot. As such, he and Zhou Yunbo, who were rarely good friends, sat together.

As for Zhou Yunjie, his expression was still the same as usual. He was drinking beer with his barbecued meat.

However, his consciousness was the clearest.

Chen Meng’er could not help but walk towards Zhou Yunjie with a glass of juice in her hand. Chen Meng’er wanted to drink beer too, but she was stopped by Yuwen Jing and the others. They said that beer was harmful to the body.

Chen Meng’er’s mouth twitched. They sure were a bunch of hypocrites.