Chapter 1133:

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Chapter 1133: Chapter 1133

Fortunately, Chen Meng’er was not very interested in the beer. She had secretly tasted it before, and her brows were tightly knitted together. In her previous life, she thought beer was not bad, but now it was bitter and difficult to swallow.

Chen Meng’er did not know when it started, but her taste buds were so sensitive now.

Therefore, after Yuwen Jing and the others did not let her drink beer, although she looked down on their clumsy excuse, she still poured herself some juice. However, Chen Meng’er was thinking about it.

She decided that after returning to China, she would search her mutated brain to see if there were any steps to make beer. If there were, she would try to make it herself later.

‘?????? ???? NoVELBIN. ???.’,

She did not believe that she would not be able to drink good beer after working so hard for her entire life.

Seeing Chen Meng’er walking towards Zhou Yunjie, Allen, who was originally quarreling with Zhou Yunbo and the others, could not help but run to his master’s side.

“Master, Mistress went to look for Zhou Yunjie. Why aren’t you accompanying Mistress?”

Yuwen Jing calmly looked at Allen and said, “You go and drink beer wine. I know my own matters.”

“Meanie!” Allen drank some beer and was bold enough to talk back to Yuwen Jing.

Fortunately, he was pulled away by the impatient Baro. “Allen, you brat, you still owe me a bottle.” Baro was really tired. Not only did he have to care about his master, but he also had to care about his partner.

“Hey! Baro, let go of me. I’m not done talking yet.” Allen did not understand Baro’s painstaking efforts.

“What are you talking about? Hurry up and drink your beer. Be careful. Master might send you to the Sahara.”

Yuwen Jing heard the conversation between Allen and Baro. He knew that although Allen was a nosy chatterbox, he really cared about him. However, he wanted to give Chen Meng’er enough trust. He did not want to restrict Chen Meng’er’s freedom.

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If he did, Yuwen Jing knew that he would lose Chen Meng’er instead.

He knew Zhou Yunjie’s feelings for Chen Meng’er. He had already sensed it before. At the beginning, he was wary of Zhou Yunjie. After all, Zhou Yunjie was the person closest to Chen Meng’er.

He was afraid that Chen Meng’er would fall in love with Zhou Yunjie. He was afraid that she would fall in love with Zhou Yunjie and not want him.

He only dared be careful in his heart, but he did not dare show it. He was afraid that Chen Meng’er would think that he was too insecure. More importantly, because Chen Meng’er was dense, he was afraid that the moment he opened his mouth and reminded her, it would have the opposite effect.

Therefore, he had been secretly observing Zhou Yunjie. If Zhou Yunjie made a move, he would strike.

However, after such a long time, the wariness in his heart towards Zhou Yunjie was slowly disappearing. Chen Meng’er’s attitude towards Zhou Yunjie, as well as Zhou Yunjie’s handling of Chen Meng’er’s feelings, let him know that those two would not date.

Because, he clearly knew that in Chen Meng’er’s heart, there would be no other man other than him.

Every time he thought of this, Yuwen Jing’s heart felt happy.

“Yunjie! Didn’t I say that I would give you a break and let you go out for a stroll? Why are you still cooped up at home?” Chen Meng’er walked closer to Zhou Yunjie, then, she said, “The three of you have been by my side for so many years. You have been busy, but you haven’t had time to yourself. Since you have free time this time, why don’t you go and enjoy yourself?”