Chapter 1134 - Chapter 1134

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Chapter 1134: Chapter 1134

“You said it yourself. It’s been so many years. We’ve been so busy. I’m really not used to being so free all of a sudden. To be honest, Little Miss, I really don’t know where I can go if you let me go out.” Only when he was facing Chen Meng’er would he relax. There was a rare gentle light in his eyes. “I might just be a busy person. But I feel fulfilled.”

“Bah! You just don’t know how to live. Tell me, if your life revolves around me, how will you be able to meet other people?” Chen Meng’er asked anxiously.

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After all, Chen Meng’er wanted to give Zhou Yunjie a vacation. Her goal was very simple. She wanted Zhou Yunjie to be able to meet other girls because only by meeting other girls would he have the opportunity to have other choices.

Chen Meng’er really did not want to see Zhou Yunjie live single and alone. She knew very well in her heart that there was no possibility between her and Zhou Yunjie. Yuwen Jing was the person that she had decided on in her previous life. In this life, she would not easily let him go.

Although Chen Meng’er didn’t say it directly, Zhou Yunjie, who had been by her side for many years, could understand the meaning in her words.

His face darkened, and he said softly, “I think my current life is pretty good.” He didn’t need to know other girls. He was a person who found it difficult to fall in love. “Little Miss, I’m going to find Yunbo and the others to drink with.”

Zhou Yunjie didn’t know how to face Chen Meng’er, so he could only walk away.

Chen Meng’er saw a security guard walk to Su Jin’s side and whisper something to her. From afar, Chen Meng’er saw that Su Jin’s expression didn’t look too good. She put down the cup in her hand and walked towards Su Jin.

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She asked, “Su Jin, What’s wrong? What happened?”

“Little Miss, nothing happened. Just now, the security guard came and said that there was a person who called herself Miss Kennedy and requested to see you,” Su Jin said. She looked up at Chen Meng’er and asked, “Little Miss, why don’t I send her away? Tell me, why did Miss Kennedy come to see you?”

“No need. Go and eat something. I’ll go and take a look. Why did Miss Kennedy come to see me?” Chen Meng’er was puzzled. At this time, Miss Kennedy had to be in the hospital with her beloved grandfather, why did she come here to look for her?

“Miss, why don’t I accompany you?” Su Jin was still worried about her going to see Miss Kennedy alone.

Although she knew that her little miss was very skilled, she still couldn’t help but want to protect her little miss, afraid that she would be bullied by someone.

“No need. This is our own territory. Are you afraid that Miss Kennedy will bully me? Moreover, do you think that Miss Kennedy is my match? She’s so frail.” Chen Meng’er patted Su Jin on the shoulder. She smiled and said, “Alright, you can rest assured. I’ll be right back. By the way, save some food for me. I think Yunbo and the others are pigging out. I’m afraid they won’t even leave me any scraps later.”

Su Jin still some hesitation, however she did not dare disobey Chen Meng’er.

Chen Menger saw Miss Kennedy standing at the gate.