Chapter 1135

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Chapter 1135: Chapter 1135

When Chen Meng’er approached, Miss Kennedy, who was waiting outside the door, also noticed Chen Meng’er.

“Chen Meng’er.” After Miss Kennedy shouted, she seemed to have remembered something and her expression froze. If it were up to her, she would definitely not come here to look for Chen Meng’er today.

However, her father, her uncle, and the others had forced her to come here. They said that the Kennedy family was in such a crisis because of her. If she hadn’t taken a fancy to Yuwen Jing, their company would not have collapsed.

Not only did they face a shortage of funds, but their project was also forced to stop, and they also faced a huge penalty for breaching the contract.

Adding these things together, the Kennedy family was really doomed this time.

Her father told her since she had caused the problem, she had to solve it. So, as long as she apologized to Chen Meng’er and admitted her mistake, perhaps this matter could be concluded.

Of course, her father also gave her another option, which was to have her become the matriarch of the Buyano family. This way, the Kennedy family would not be threatened by Chen Meng’er. The Kennedy family would be able to successfully get through this difficult situation.

Her father said it was simple, but Miss Kennedy knew in her heart that no matter which option she chose, it would not be that simple.

However, even if she knew, she still came today. For the sake of the Kennedy family and for her grandfather.

“Miss Kennedy, I wonder why you have come to my humble abode? Or are you here to warn me to leave Xibo again?” Chen Meng’er crossed her arms in front of her chest and asked.

“No.” Miss Kennedy had long lost her arrogance. At this moment, Miss Kennedy was at a loss in front of Chen Meng’er.

To be honest, when she rushed to the hospital yesterday, she found out from her father that Chen Meng’er was the most important investor of the Kennedy family. And now, Chen Meng’er had requested to withdraw her investment because of Xibo She even wanted to use the loophole in the contract to sue them for breach of contract.

Her grandfather, Master Kennedy, was so angry that he vomited blood. After he fainted and was hospitalized, she was filled with regret. How could she be so stupid? She had listened to the words of her friends and had written a love letter to Xibo Buyano.

“I want to talk to you.” Miss Kennedy had long lost her lofty attitude from yesterday. Today, she looked a little haggard.

“I don’t know what else I can talk to you about.” Chen Meng’er could roughly guess why Miss Kennedy had come this time.

Regarding Chen Meng’er’s unfriendly attitude, Miss Kennedy didn’t throw a tantrum this time because she knew that if Chen Meng’er didn’t stop, their family would really fall this time.

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And if the Kennedy family fell, then she would really be nothing. Her life of luxury would be gone.

“Can we find a place to sit down and talk?” Miss Kennedy lowered her posture and asked.

“There’s no need to find a place. If you have anything, just get to the point. Otherwise, when the people inside come out later, I reckon that you won’t even have the chance to open your mouth and will be directly chased out of here.” Chen Meng’er was not talking nonsense, she estimated that it wouldn’t be long before Yuwen Jing and the others received the news from Su Jin and rushed over. At that time, they would definitely chase Miss Kennedy away without a second thought. Because in their impression, Miss Kennedy was here to find trouble.

Miss Kennedy went straight to the point and said, “Chen Meng’er, I’m here to apologize to you. I’m sorry. I didn’t know that you had such a deep relationship with Xibo. I was actually thinking of chasing you out and becoming Xibo’s fiancee. I’m sorry for all the stupid things I’ve done for this. Please, don’t blame the Kennedy family for all the mistakes I’ve made.” At the end, Miss Kennedy’s tears began to fall.

To be honest, she felt wronged. Yes, she was in love with Xibo Buyano. Yes, she wanted to marry Xibo Buyano. And she also felt that she was qualified to be the matriarch of the Buyano family.

However, didn’t she have the approval of everyone in the Kennedy family? Even now, she still remembered the envious gazes her aunts gave her. However, why was it that when something bad happened, everyone blamed her for it.

“Enough, don’t apologize to me here. I don’t need your apology.” Chen Meng’er interrupted Miss Kennedy’s words.

What was Miss Kennedy doing? Why was she acting so pitifully in the territory of the Green Gang? Was she trying to tell everyone that the little miss of her Green Gang had bullied her?

“I think you might have made a mistake. The enmity between me and the Kennedy family has nothing to do with you. As for why I acted against the Kennedy family, you can wait until your grandfather wakes up and ask him.” As she spoke, Chen Meng’er looked at the watch on her wrist and continued, “I think your grandfather should have woken up by now. If you have any questions, you can look for him. I don’t have that much time to waste on you.”

Just as Chen Meng’er finished speaking, a group of people rushed over from the main gate.

“Miss Kennedy, what are you doing in the Green Gang? The Green Gang isn’t a place where you can behave atrociously.” Zhou Yunbo’s clamor could be heard from afar.