Chapter 1136

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Chapter 1136: Chapter 1136

Looking at Zhou Yunbo and his group of people who were walking toward her aggressively, Miss Kennedy’s expression changed. When she saw Yuwen Jing, who was walking in front of the crowd, her eyes flashed with excitement. However, when she saw the cold, even accusatory, and defensive look that Yuwen Jing gave her, she felt as if a bucket of cold water had been poured over her head.

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Miss Kennedy wanted to retreat, but she thought of her grandfather, who was still unconscious on the hospital bed as well as her father’s, and her uncle’s stern faces as they criticized her. Her feet did not move away in the end.

“Chen Meng’er, I don’t know why you want to destroy the Kennedy family. I just hope that you can spare the Kennedy family for the sake of my grandfather who is still unconscious. Don’t worry, I will stay far away from Xibo in the future. I will never try to snatch Xibo from you again,” said Miss Kennedy. She even raised his eyes and glanced at Yuwen Jing.

The reluctance in her eyes made Chen Meng’er feel very uncomfortable.

“Miss Kennedy, why are you pretending to be pitiful in the territory of the Green Gang? Who are you pretending to be pitiful for? Do you think that you are the only one with intelligence? All of us graduated from kindergarten. Do you think that none of us can understand the meaning behind your words? Didn’t you just want to say that your grandfather was so angry that he was lying unconscious on the hospital bed? It was only right for you to let him go.” Zhou Yunbo drank quite a lot of beer. The beer did not make him drunk, but it made him run his mouth.

He looked at Miss Kennedy with contempt and continued, “Your grandfather is unconscious. You can’t blame us for that. If you want to blame someone, blame him. His strength of mind is terrible. Seriously, he got angry over a small matter like this.”

“You!” Miss Kennedy was so angry by Zhou Yunbo’s words that she was about to scream. She pointed at Zhou Yunbo and said nothing for a long time.

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“What are you trying to say? Did I say something wrong? Or did I say everything right and make you angry out of embarrassment? Miss Kennedy, put away your airs. This is the Green Gang, not the Kennedy family that lets you do whatever you want.”

Miss Kennedy had never been treated like this before. Her eyes immediately reddened, and tears were threatening to fall down her cheeks.

In the end, this Miss Kennedy was just a rich young lady who had never experienced any hardships. If she lost her status, then she would be nothing.

Chen Meng’er didn’t feel that Zhou Yunbo’s words were too harsh. Originally, she was displeased with Miss Kennedy’s words. She was not a fool. Miss Kennedy’s words seemed too sincere. But if she listened carefully, it was not the same. Instead, it was as if Chen Meng’er had bullied someone weaker.

“Originally, seeing that we were both girls, there are some things that I didn’t want to say. However, what you said just now made me feel that it was better for us to speak candidly so that outsiders would not say that the little miss of the Green Gang is a person who only knows how to bully the weak. Firstly, I don’t think I have anything to do with your grandfather being in a coma. He can only blame himself for not being able to take it. Secondly, Xibo Buyano has never had anything to do with you. From the very beginning, it was the Kennedy family that took a fancy to his status as the head of the Buyano family. That was why they tried so hard to get you to have a relationship with him. Your grandfather didn’t hesitate to lower himself and join hands with the mafia. He even hired mercenaries to kill me. This is on you and your family.”

Chen Meng’er did not have a soft heart.