Chapter 1137

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Chapter 1137: Chapter 1137

Miss Kennedy had provoked her time and time again, so don’t blame her for being rude.

“You’re talking nonsense. My grandfather saw that I fell in love with Xibo at first sight, so he wanted to help us set up a connection. It was the elders of the Buyano family who told us that you didn’t have a good relationship with Xibo. Xibo was only with you because of his parents’ orders. Besides, my grandfather would never be related to the mafia. He doesn’t even know any mercenaries. Chen Meng’er, you’re slandering me.” Miss Kennedy’s eyes were red as she defended herself and her grandfather.

However, she didn’t sound confident at all.

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“Whether I’m slandering you or not, you can ask your grandfather. Or, when your grandfather wakes up and denies it, the two of you can come to me to seek an explanation. I’ll accompany you at any time. Oh right, you can tell your grandfather that those people who were brought back from your banquet have already woken up and opened their mouths. If the Kennedy family members are interested, you can come and listen to what they have to say at any time.” Chen Meng’er suddenly felt that there was really no point in getting angry with Miss Kennedy. “Yunbo, help me send off the guests.”

“Alright, Little Miss. Leave this to me. I’ll definitely do an excellent job.” Zhou Yunbo was waiting for Chen Meng’er to say this. He walked in front of Miss Kennedy like he was hunting prey. He said to her, “Miss Kennedy, hurry up and leave. Let’s go. the Green Gang doesn’t welcome members of the Kennedy family here.”

Miss Kennedy’s eyes were red as she bit her lip. She looked at Chen Meng’er with hatred in her eyes. She seemed to have made a decision. She asked Chen Meng’er, “Chen Meng’er, are you sure you won’t give up and let the Kennedy family go?”

“No, because of what your grandfather did. He has already crossed my bottom line.”

Chen Meng’er shook her head firmly. If it wasn’t for the assassination attempt at the birthday party, Chen Meng’er might have let the Kennedy family off.

However, Master Kennedy already wanted her life. If she was still merciful, that would be terrible. The people outside think that the little miss of the Green Gang was soft-hearted and easy to bully then.

At that time, people would come to find trouble with her. Then she would have more work to do.

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“Since that’s the case, don’t blame me for being merciless.”

Miss Kennedy left these words, turned around, and left resolutely.

Looking at Miss Kennedy’s determined figure, Chen Meng’er frowned. These words left by Miss Kennedy had a very deep meaning.

“Hey, what does she mean? She actually dared to threaten you. Watch how I deal with her.” As he said this, Zhou Yunbo rolled up the sleeves of his shirt and was about to find Miss Kennedy to settle the score.

However, Zhou Yunbo was called back by Chen Meng’er. “Come back. You’re a man. How can you deal with her? You want to beat her up? If this gets out, the Green Gang will get accused of assaulting women.” Chen Meng’er glared at Zhou Yunbo.

Although Zhou Yunbo stopped after listening to Chen Meng’er’s words, he still said with a face full of reluctance, “If I don’t deal with her, won’t she try something arrogant?”

“Don’t worry, she won’t be arrogant for long. Once the Kennedy family falls, what right do you think she has to be arrogant? Just wait and see, she’ll cry.” Su Jin crossed her arms over her chest and revealed a disdainful smile.

In fact, if Zhou Yunjie hadn’t snatched her away just now, she would have stood up long ago and taught Miss Kennedy a lesson. Moreover, if Su Jin had stood up, the fight would have been even uglier.