Chapter 1138

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Chapter 1138: Chapter 1138

“Su Jin is right. You just need to keep an eye on Miss Kennedy for me. Her words make me feel a little uneasy,” said Chen Meng’er with a frown.

“How about I ask Baro and Allen to keep an eye on her?” Yuwen Jing walked to Chen Meng’er’s side and asked.

“No need. This is the Green Gang’s problem. We don’t need your help. We will handle this matter ourselves.” Once Yuwen Jing’s suggestion was put out, Zhou Yunbo rejected it.

He knew that if nothing unexpected happened, Yuwen Jing would definitely be the other half of their little miss in the future. However, every time he thought of how his brother had a deep affection for the little miss, Zhou Yunbo felt extremely uncomfortable.

He had always felt that his brother was not inferior to Yuwen Jing at all. In fact, he even felt that his brother was more suitable for his little miss than Yuwen Jing.

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However, he could not say this out loud. Previously, he had been warned by his brother about what he could and could not say.

Yuwen Jing did not respond to Zhou Yunbo’s words. He turned to look at Chen Meng’er.

“Allen and Baro have their own matters to attend to. I have enough manpower on my side. There’s no need to trouble the two of them.” Chen Meng’er had just finished speaking when she saw Yuwen Jing’s disapproving gaze. She immediately said, “I’ll say it again. If there’s a need, I won’t hesitate to bother you.”

Hearing Chen Meng’er’s words, Yuwen Jing felt a little better. He didn’t like Chen Meng’er to be distant with him.

When Miss Kennedy returned to the hospital, her father, uncle, and the others surrounded her.

“Alisa, how did it go? What did Chen Meng’er say? Is she not going to withdraw her investment?”

“She won’t sue us for breaching the contract, right?”

Miss Kennedy looked at her father and uncle. She did not know what to say and could only lower her head.

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When her uncle saw her lower her head, he knew that the result was not good. Their faces immediately turned from sunny to stormy.

“You messed up? Chen Meng’er still wants to withdraw her investment?” Miss Kennedy’s father asked with a straight face.

Slap! Miss Kennedy raised her head in surprise and looked at her father. “You hit me?”

“So what if I hit you? I’m your father. Before, you had your grandfather to take care of you, so I couldn’t touch a single hair on your head. But now, the old man is lying inside, and I don’t know if he’ll wake up. In that case, I’m the head of this family. Moreover, what’s wrong with me hitting you? If it wasn’t for you, how would the Kennedy family end up like this? How could your grandfather be lying inside, unconscious?”

Her father’s words struck her heart one by one. It hurt so much that she couldn’t breathe. She had been holding back the tears that didn’t fall. Finally, at this moment, the dam broke.

“Where are the family members? The patient is awake. You can send someone in to visit him now.” The news from the doctor stunned everyone in the Kennedy family.

The news from the doctor made everyone present have different expressions on their faces. On the other hand, when Miss Kennedy heard the news, her face was full of surprise.

“Doctor, are you serious? My grandfather has woken up?” Miss Kennedy could not care less about the pain. She grabbed the doctor’s white coat and asked.

“Yes, Master Kennedy has just woken up. You are Miss Kennedy, right? Master Kennedy has been asking about you since he woke up. You can go in to see him now.”

“Good, good.” Miss Kennedy could not help but sob.