Chapter 1139

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Chapter 1139: Chapter 1139

Chen Meng’er received the news of Master Kennedy waking up immediately. Chen Meng’er was not surprised at all by Master Kennedy waking up. That was because she knew Master Kennedy’s physical condition very clearly.

Therefore, when the news of Master Kennedy waking up came, Chen Meng’er said, “Hmm, it’s a bit different from what I calculated before. It looks like there’s still room for improvement.”

“Little Miss, Master Kennedy is awake. Do we need to make any changes to our plan?” Zhou Yunjie asked.

“No need. We’ll proceed according to the original plan.”

“Okay. Then I’ll go out first.”

Zhou Yunjie took a step forward before Yuwen Jing appeared. “Meng’er, I’m going out to meet someone later to discuss a cooperation case with him. It just so happens that I have an appointment with him at the Four Seasons Hotel. What pastries do you want me to bring back?”

Yuwen Jing remembered that Chen Meng’er was quite satisfied with the afternoon tea at the Four Seasons Hotel. If he didn’t have something important to do today, he would have taken Chen Meng’er with him.

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“Okay. I want some tiramisu and cheesecake. The cherry cake seems to be good too.”

“You greedy little cat. Okay, I’ll get you one of each.” Yuwen Jing looked at Chen Meng’er lovingly and continued, “However, you can’t eat too much. Try a bite of everything. Otherwise, you won’t eat dinner.”

After Yuwen Jing said that, he saw Chen Meng’er pouting unhappily. He immediately added, “When I’m free tomorrow and the day after, I’ll accompany you to have afternoon tea.”

Hearing Yuwen Jing’s promise, Chen Meng’er smiled again. “Okay, you promised. When the time comes, you’ll treat me.”

“Okay, I’ll treat you.” Yuwen Jing was helpless against Chen Meng’er’s sweet tooth. “My appointment is about to start. I’ll go first. When I come back, I’ll bring you your favorite food.”

“Okay, go early and come back early.”

After Yuwen Jing left, Chen Meng’er, who rarely had free time, took out a medical book from her space and began to read it carefully. At first, Chen Meng’er was calm, but gradually, Chen Meng’er’s heart began to become restless. She couldn’t calm down no matter how hard she tried.

Moreover, Chen Meng’er didn’t know why a bad premonition suddenly appeared in her heart.

Unable to hold back, Chen Meng’er simply stood up and prepared to go out for a stroll.

She had just sat in the car that Su Jin had prepared for her when she saw a Porsche. It suddenly stopped in front of the car she was sitting in. Her driver was shocked. The driver thought that it was a thug, so his entire body became alert. He said to Chen Meng’er, “Little Miss, you sit in the car. I’ll go down and take a look.”

“Okay,” Chen Meng’er replied. However, her eyes were staring at the Porsche without blinking. She felt that this sports car was somewhat familiar.

Just as Chen Meng’er was trying to remember who owned this car, Allen anxiously walked out of the car.

“Mistress.” Allen looked at Chen Meng’er who was sitting in the car as if he had seen his savior.

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“What’s wrong?” Chen Meng’er looked at Allen, whose face was filled with anxiety. Suddenly, a voice sounded in her mind. Something had happened to Yuwen Jing.

“Did something happen to your master?” Chen Meng’er asked as she opened the car door and got out.

“Yes, something happened to Master. Baro and I couldn’t handle it. We had no choice, so we came to look for you, Mistress.” Allen had driven all the way back. If it was possible, he would have flown a helicopter back to look for Chen Meng’er.

“What happened?” Chen Meng’er asked.

“Mistress, let’s talk in the car. Otherwise, it’ll be too late.” Time was precious. Allen was so anxious that he was hopping around.

Seeing Allen’s expression, Chen Meng’er knew that something big must have happened to Yuwen Jing. Without saying anything, she walked towards the Porsche that Allen was driving.

“Hey, Mistress, where are you going?” At the critical moment, Allen dropped the ball again.

“Didn’t you say in the car that it would be too late otherwise? Why aren’t you getting in the car?” Chen Meng’er said without turning her head.

“Oh!” Allen came back to his senses and jogged over.

When he was about to get into the driver’s seat, he realized that she was already sitting there. “Mistress, did you… did you make a mistake?”

“Why are you still wasting your breath? Hurry up and get in the car. It’s fine if you don’t get in the car. Tell me the address and I’ll go there myself.” Chen Meng’er lost her patience as soon as she thought about what had happened to Yuwen Jing. Her tone was not much better.

“Got it, I’ll come.” As he said that, Allen hurriedly went around to the other side of the car and sat in.

Once Allen closed the car door, he only heard Chen Meng’er’s words. The car flew out. Allen was so scared that he gripped the handle on the roof of the car.