Chapter 760

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“Alright.” Murong Ying looked at her worriedly, wishing she could pull her up and check if she was injured. Chen Meng’er gave them a look, telling them not to worry, she was fine.

Elder Qu took the lead and everyone walked towards the Qu family’s living room. Cao Feiying and Han Ying really didn’t want to go in. They knew in their hearts that if Murong Ying really complained to the two elders, the two of them would definitely not gain any benefits.

Even now, Madam Qu was sitting on the sofa in her own living room, still in shock. If it wasn’t for the pill that Chen Meng’er gave her, she would be lying in a hospital bed right now.

Elder Qu’s face was stern as he looked at his children and grandchildren, he said in a deep voice, “I think all of you should know about the things that happened on the road. Yaotian, this matter should be the work of the Sun family. However, you should go and help me investigate. It’s best if you have concrete evidence. This time, I’m done with the Sun family. Although the Sun family had done me a favor once, I have a clear conscience. After so many years, I have already repaid the favor of the Sun family. This time, the Sun family is actually ruthless enough to want our lives.” Elder Qu was extremely disappointed with the Sun family, it should be said that he hated them so much that his jaw was clenched.

Elder Qu knew very well that if Chen Meng’er had not gone back to the Qu family with them tonight, the Sun family might have really succeeded. At this moment, he did not know if he and his wife would be alive to sit here.

“Dad, don’t worry. I have already sent people to investigate this matter. There should be news tomorrow morning.” Qu Yaotian’s eyes also flashed with a dangerous light. The Sun family was really bold. Previously, because of the Sun family’s kindness to his father, he had helped the Sun family wipe their asses countless times.

The Sun family actually didn’t take it to heart at all. Instead, they repaid kindness with enmity.

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“Father, isn’t this matter not yet investigated clearly? I think this matter might not be done by the Sun family.” This was the first time Chen Meng’er knew what it meant to commit verbal suicide. Cao Feiying really did not know how to read the room. Even if her heart was biased towards the Sun family, she should not have said such words at this time.

As soon as Cao Feiying’s words left her mouth, Elder Qu shot an angry gaze at Cao Feiying. Even Madam Qu frowned at Cao Feiying. She had never regretted it as much as she did now. Back then, she had given in and allowed Qu Yaotao to marry Cao Feiying.

“Cao Feiying, if you don’t speak, no one will take you as a mute.” Qu Yaotao gritted his teeth and said hatefully.

This was also the first time he felt that his taste was so bad. How could he have decided on Cao Feiying back then? Other than her, he did not want anyone else.

“I didn’t say anything wrong. I…” Cao feiying still felt wronged after being yelled at by her husband.

Han Ying looked at Cao Feiying and felt a little regretful. She had spoken up for her at the door just now. It was only today that she realized that the dumbest person in the Qu family had never been Murong Ying, but Cao Feiying instead. Why did she feel that Cao Feiying was worth befriending?

“That’s right. She would never say the wrong thing. Didn’t she just say at the door that our Meng’er was a jinx? She said that it was precisely because Meng’er returned to the Qu family that she brought so many disasters to the Qu family.” Murong Ying seized this opportunity and stabbed Cao Feiying in the back.

Cao Feiying did not expect that Murong Ying, who was usually the easiest to bully, would actually dare report her in front of her parents-in-law. She glared fiercely at Murong Ying, wishing that she could pounce on her and scratch Murong Ying’s face.

Once Murong Ying’s words came out, Elder Qu and Madam Qu, who already had a lot of opinions about Cao Feiying, became even more displeased with Cao Feiying. He directly threw the teacup in his hand towards the ground where Cao Feiying was standing, scaring Cao Feiying so much that she took a few steps back.

“B*stard, how can you say these words? I really couldn’t tell that you are such a vicious person. To actually say that Meng’er is a jinx! I think you are the Jinx of our family. After you married into our family, when has our family ever had peace?”

If Elder Qu’s words were to spread, who knew how the people in this circle would view Cao Feiying.

Cao Feiying was stunned by Elder Qu’s words. She looked at Elder Qu in a daze.

“Grandpa, my mother is very straightforward. She doesn’t even think before she speaks. You and Meng’er are mature people who don’t care about petty things. Don’t lower yourself to her level.” Although Qu Haojie felt that his mother was quite annoying at times, seeing his mother suffer such a blow, did not feel good. Therefore, it was rare for him to stand up and speak up for his mother.

As Qu Haojie spoke, he looked at Chen Meng’er as if she was asking for help.

In the Qu family’s generation, Chen Meng’er was the youngest. Therefore, other than Qu Haoxiang, who would wander around in front of Chen Meng’er whenever he had nothing to do, the other grandsons in the Qu family all had their own things to do, so, they did not spend much time with Chen Meng’er.

However, these few cousins of Chen Meng’er doted on her no less than Qu Haoxiang did. When these cousins went out, they would often bring back delicious food and fun things for Chen Meng’er.

It was Qu Haojie who knew that Chen Meng’er liked to research Chinese medicine. When he went out to travel, he often helped Chen Meng’er collect some good-quality Chinese herbal medicines.

Therefore, Chen Meng’er could not turn a blind eye to Qu Haojie’s cry for help. Chen Meng’er sighed in her heart and still stood up. She helped to ease the atmosphere. “Grandpa, Grandma, calm down. You guys have been tormenting yourself for the entire night. Aren’t you tired? I’m exhausted,” Chen Meng’er said sweetly.