Chapter 763

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Chen Meng’er placed one hand on Elder Qu’s elbow and the other on Madam Qu’s hand. The three of them walked towards the room.

Yuwen Jing naturally followed closely behind. Looking at Yuwen Jing who was following behind them, Elder Qu wanted to do as usual and say a few words to insult him. However, before he could say anything, Madam Qu, who already knew what kind of temper her husband had, threw a warning look at Elder Qu.

Elder Qu could only swallow the words that he wanted to say. Elder Qu could only rub his nose in embarrassment.

Speaking of which, it seemed that Yuwen Jing was not an eyesore anymore. He had some redeeming qualities. At least, he could rush over at the most critical moment.

Elder Qu, Elder Liu, and the other old men didn’t like Yuwen Jing. However, Madam Qu liked Yuwen Jing very much, ever since she heard about Yuwen Jing’s little intentions towards her Meng’er, the more she liked Yuwen Jing and the more she felt that the two of them were really a good match when they stood together. “Little Jing, it’s quite late today. You don’t have to leave either. If you don’t mind, you can just stay here for the night,” said Madam Qu with a kind expression.

How could Yuwen Jing refuse? He had been waiting for this sentence the entire night. “Grandma Qu, I’d be very honored to be able to stay.” As he said that, he threw a glance at Chen Meng’er.

Elder Qu saw Yuwen Jing’s small actions and snorted coldly. However, he did not refute as usual.

“Grandpa, Grandma, go in. I’ll brew some calming tea for you two. After you drink it, the two of you should quickly rest. You two have been tormented for the entire night. You’re already tired enough. As for other matters, Grandpa, we’ll talk about it when you wake up. Is that alright?” Chen Meng’er pulled the two elders into the room.

“Alright, we’ll listen to you, lass.” Madam Qu held Chen Meng’er’s hand and spoke while patting it gently.

After making tea for Elder Qu and Madam Qu, Chen Meng’er and Yuwen Jing left the Qu family’s two elders ‘room after waiting for them to drink it.

“Yuwen, I’ll bring you to the guest room. You should rest early too.” After leaving the Qu family’s two elders’ room, Chen Meng’er and Yuwen Jing chatted as they walked.

However, before Yuwen Jing could reply, the two of them stopped in their tracks. “Uncle, you guys haven’t gone to bed yet!” Everyone from the Qu family was still in the living room, either sitting or standing. No one left.

“No, I’m just waiting for you to come out and say something.” Qu Yaotian squeezed out a smile at Chen Meng’er. However, Qu Yaotian, who had a cold face all year round and had no expression, looked a little scary when he smiled.

They didn’t want to disturb Elder Qu and Madam Qu because they were afraid of Elder Qu’s fiery temper. If it wasn’t for Chen Meng’er, the fire extinguisher, they really would not know how to end things. Qu Yaotian was also a little dissatisfied with his sister-in-law, Cao Feiying. However, she was his sister-in-law after all. Even if he was dissatisfied, he couldn’t say anything.

“Uncle, if you have anything to say, just say it. Or if you want to ask something, just ask.” Chen Meng’er could roughly guess what Qu Yaotian and the others were waiting for her for.

“Then I won’t beat around the bush. Who did the Sun family hire today?” Qu Yaotian was quite curious. Who in the capital was so bold to actually accept the Sun family’s contract?

“It’s a mercenary group.” Chen Meng’er’s answer was completely out of everyone’s expectations.

“Mercenary group?” This term was not unfamiliar to people like Qu Yaotian and the others who came from special forces. But Qu Haoxiang and the others weren’t too familiar with such a term.