Chapter 766

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“Allen, why are you still standing there? Aren’t you leaving yet?” The greater the anger in Yuwen Jing’s heart, the calmer he appeared on the surface. However, upon closer inspection of his gaze, it was not difficult to discover that his blue eyes were brewing with monstrous anger.

“Oh!” With that one glance, Allen could not help but wipe the cold sweat on his forehead. This time, not only did he have to sweat for his sake, but also for Lilia and the Hilton family. This time, the Hilton family was really going to suffer.

“Grandpa, what do you think about the Sun family?” Chen Meng’er already had a plan in her heart. However, this time, because of this matter, the Sun family had pointed the spearhead at the Qu family. She had to seek the opinion of Elder Qu for this matter.

It was impossible for Elder Qu not to be angry. Other than anger, he was also deeply disappointed. He felt that he had treated the Sun family well. The kindness that Elder Sun had shown had already been repaid a hundred times over. Now, the Sun family was actually still treating him this way.

Elder Qu felt a wave of powerlessness.

“Dad, you can’t be soft-hearted anymore. The Sun family are really just ingrates that can’t be fed. Look at how good our family is to their family. We have been cleaning up their mess all this time. Yet, they feel that what we have done is only right and proper. As long as we don’t help them, they will feel uncomfortable in their hearts. They actually hired mercenaries to take your lives. If it wasn’t for Meng’er, we wouldn’t know where we would be at this moment.” Qu Yaobing had long disliked the Sun family. He had long wanted to teach the Sun family a lesson,

“Ah, the relationship between the Sun family and our family has long disappeared after this matter. I’m not blind from old age, I’m still sensible.” It was just that the hurdle in Elder Qu’s heart could not be overcome,

“Grandpa, this matter started because of me. If you don’t mind, leave this matter to me to handle.” Chen Meng’er didn’t want to see Elder Qu so listless, so her heart softened and she spoke.

“Leave this matter to you to handle….” Elder Qu paused for a moment when he said this, then he opened his mouth and said, “Girl, you can handle the matter however you want. You won’t have to worry about anything. You have me backing you up from behind.” In Elder Qu’s heart, his granddaughter was the most important thing.

“Let me help you.” After Qu Haoxiang accepted the Murong family, after a period of training, he had a certain degree of responsibility. This made Elder Qu feel very gratified.

“No need. I can handle this matter myself.” Chen Meng’er declined Qu Haoxiang’s help. She would personally go and settle the Sun family and Lilia Hilton’s accounts one by one.

When Chen Meng’er came out of the Qu family, she called Zhou Yunjie. She asked him to pick her up. She wanted to personally go to the Sun family.

After she settled the Sun family First, she would deal with Lilia Hilton, who had done something behind the scenes.

Zhou Yunjie came very quickly. He was not the only one. When he heard that his family’s little miss wanted to deal with the Sun family, he brought his underlings with him. There were three cars full of people. Chen Meng’er looked at this somewhat big lineup. She raised her eyelids and did not speak.

Chen Meng’er and her group of four cars directly rushed to the Sun family.

At this moment, the Sun family was no longer as neat and magnificent as before. A while ago, all kinds of negative news had caused the Sun family to fall into a state of panic. In the haze, some of the servants, who saw it, were already late for work. They left the Sun family’s mansion to find another job.

The Sun family, without the servants to clean up, was not exactly dirty, but it had long lost its previous tidiness. Even the guards at the Sun family’s door were not as arrogant as before. When they saw Chen Meng’er and her group of four black cars driving over, they quickly opened the door and made way, not to even mention stopping them.

The atmosphere in the Sun family villa this morning was particularly bad. Usually, they would get up on time every morning. Elder Sun, who sat at the dining table to eat breakfast, had disappeared without a trace. Sun Miaomiao and the others sat on the dining chairs and looked at the steaming breakfast on the dining table. No one dared touch the chopsticks.

Sun Jian looked at the watch on his wrist and said to his mother and sister, “Mom, Miaomiao, I’ll go to the study to see grandfather and father. It’s already so late. They’ve been in the study for the whole night.”

“This… isn’t very good. It’s not like you don’t know your grandfather’s rules.” Mrs. Sun said with some hesitation.

Elder Sun’s pressure in the Sun family was no less than Elder Qu’s pressure in the Qu family.

“But grandfather and father have been in the study for such a long time. If they don’t eat something, their bodies won’t be able to take it. I’ll go and take a look.” Sun Jian insisted.

However, just as he finished speaking, Chen Meng’er, Zhou Yunjie, and some Green Gang underlings walked in.

“Chen Meng’er.” The first person to see Chen Meng’er was Sun Miaomiao. She immediately stood up from her chair.

Seeing Chen Meng’er again, Sun Miaomiao’s heart was complicated. In the past, she had always looked down on Chen Meng’er, the girl who had transferred from the countryside, by relying on her identity as the eldest daughter of the Sun family. However, in the end, the truth she obtained was that Chen Meng’er was not a girl from the countryside, but the little miss of the Green Gang.

Not only that, but now, their family had fallen into such an awkward situation because of Chen Meng’er. Sun Miaomiao really did not know how to face her. Did she hate Chen Meng’er?

In fact, to her, there didn’t seem to be any other choice.

“What are you doing here?” When Mrs. Sun saw Chen Meng’er, the main culprit that had caused their family to fall to this state, she was like a hedgehog, raising all the thorns on her body.

“Auntie’s question is good. What am I doing here?” The smile on Chen Meng’er’s face disappeared, and she snorted coldly. “Of course, I’m here to seek justice from your family.”

“You’re here to seek justice from our family? You must be joking. It’s already good that we didn’t come to seek justice from you. Look at what you’ve done to our family.” Sun Miaomiao pointed angrily at Chen Meng’er.

“Are you sure that I’m the one who has caused your family to be in this state? Could it be that your father has done too many immoral things and caused your family to be in this state? Sun Miaomiao, you have been in school for so many years, and you have long been able to distinguish right from wrong. I think you should have heard of the heartless things your father did. Tell me, what is the fate of your family now?” Chen Meng’er’s aggressive words caused Sun Miaomiao’s expression to change.