Chapter 771

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The reason why Lilia Hilton came to the capital was firstly, that it was rare for her to fall in love with a man at first sight. She was unwilling to give up without doing anything.

Secondly, she also wanted to see who Xibo liked. What exactly did a girl that Xibo liked look like? Was she really more outstanding than her?

But, unfortunately, when Lilia arrived in the capital, neither of these goals could be achieved.

Not to mention doing something to win Xibo back, she couldn’t even see Xibo in person. Every time she used the cooperation between their two families as an excuse to meet Xibo, he was stopped by his subordinates. They said that this project was not under their master’s control. They asked her to find the person in charge of this project.

She could not meet Xibo. It was fine with her, but she asked someone to investigate the girl who made Xibo Buyano fall in love with her. The other party’s information was quickly placed in front of her. However, after reading the information, she was so angry that she threw the information directly at her assistant’s face.

What was she investigating? Other than the other party’s name, age, and identity, there was nothing else. There wasn’t even a photo of the other party. There was no difference between investigating and not investigating.

And over and over again, Miss Hilton, who had suffered setbacks, had been holding back her anger until her assistant found out about the incident on the night of Sun Miaomiao’s birthday party and the matter of the Sun family dealing with the Qu family. The hot-headed Lilia Hilton went to find Elder Sun.

She suggested that he make a move against the Qu family, and she could provide a certain amount of help.

And when Elder Sun heard that the other party did not need him to pay anything, he was willing to help. How could the greedy father and son duo not agree. And Elder Sun only thought that the Qu family had offended Lilia Hilton.

Allen had originally held a sliver of hope to convince his master to be more rational and not destroy the cooperation between the Buyano family and the Hilton family. But now, when he saw Chen Meng’er, this future mistress of the Buyano family, he knew that the cooperation between the Buyano family and the Hilton family this time was ruined.

“Mistress.” Allen sighed in his heart. He felt that his sky was filled with darkness.

“You can’t call her that. This is the little miss of Our Green Gang and the head of the Liu family. She is not the mistress of your Buyano family.” Zhou Yunjie had a bad opinion of Yuwen Jing. He also did not like Allen very much.

“Yunjie, what are you saying. Your little miss is still your little miss, and she’s still our mistress. This is something that won’t change. Those old guys in our family all nodded in agreement.” Allen complained bitterly in his heart. He really hadn’t looked at the almanac when he went out recently. Allen also knew what Zhou Yunjie was unhappy about. “Mistress, this matter really has nothing to do with my master. My master has only met Miss Hilton once, when the two families signed a cooperation project. He hasn’t seen her since. I don’t know what went wrong with Miss Hilton. Not only did she rush from England to the capital, but she also did such a thing.”

It would have been better if Allen did not speak, but when he said that, Zhou Yunjie snorted coldly. He removed Allen’s hand from his shoulder. “That can only mean that your master is more dangerous and less suitable to be the other half of my little miss.”

After Zhou Yunjie said that, Allen whispered, “If my master is not suitable, are you suitable?”