Chapter 772

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“What?” Zhou Yunjie didn’t hear what Allen said clearly and asked.

“No, nothing.” Allen only said it casually. How could he let Zhou Yunjie hear it? Fortunately, Zhou Yunjie didn’t hear it.

However, Allen’s words stopped in Chen Meng’er’s ears. It was also a good thing that Chen Meng’er’s reaction to romantic relationships was a few times slower than the average person. Of course, except for Yuwen Jing. Therefore, she was only embarrassed by Allen’s words. She did not think of anything else.

However, Chen Meng’er saw that the more the two of them talked, the more they went in the wrong direction. She then opened her mouth and said, “Allen, your master is also up there?”

Just as Chen Meng’er finished speaking, the elevator door opened. Chen Meng’er was the first to walk in. Zhou Yunjie followed closely behind, and Allen was the last to walk in. When the elevator door closed, Allen then replied, “Yes, my master brought Baro over. He said that he wanted to settle the score with Miss Hilton. I just received a call from those old fellows of the family who came here to put out the fire.”

“You’re going to put out the fire? Are you sure you have such a great ability? It seems that those old guys in your family are really senile.” Zhou Yunjie usually had dealings with Allen and Baro, so the three of them had a good relationship. However, it was obvious today that Zhou Yunjie seemed to have eaten dynamite.

“I think so too. Sigh, if I had known earlier, I would have followed my master here instead of staying in the office.” Allen was not angry at Zhou Yunjie’s words at all.

Although Allen had stayed in the country for a long time, his way of thinking was still different from the people in the country. “However, when I go back this time, I’m afraid that I’ll be read to death by those old fellows in the family.” When Allen thought of those elders in the family, his mood instantly sank.

“Don’t worry, when you go back this time, you won’t be read to death by those elders.” Chen Meng’er looked at Allen.

When Allen heard Chen Meng’er’s words, he raised his head in surprise. Then, his eyes lit up as he looked at Chen Meng’er and asked, “Mistress, is what you said true?” After saying that, Allen muttered to himself again, “No way. Based on my understanding of Mistress’ temper, you’re not the kind of person who wouldn’t get back what you’ve lost.”

“Who said I won’t look for Lilia Hilton? I’ll settle the matter with her properly this time.” Family had always been Chen Meng’er’s bottom line, and Lilia Hilton had touched her bottom line.

“Then?” Allen was a little confused.

“You still don’t Believe my words?” Chen Meng’er raised her eyebrows and asked.

“Of course I do.” How could Allen not believe the words of the future mistress. In the entire Buyano family, Allen and the others were afraid of no one except Chen Meng’er.

As they were talking, the elevator reached the top floor. The elevator door opened. Chen Meng’er, Zhou Yunjie, and Allen looked up and saw a row of men in black standing at the entrance of the elevator.

Well, Lilia Hilton’s ostentation was really comparable to the ostentation of those rich young ladies in the movies.

When Zhou Yunjie saw these bodyguards in black, he was on full alert. He regretted not bringing his subordinates up just now. No matter what, he could not let his little miss lose to the pomp and circumstance.

When Allen saw this row of bodyguards in black, frown lines appeared on his forehead. He had always heard that Lilia Hilton was grand when she went out, but he had never seen it before.

“Let’s go.” Chen Meng’er took the lead and walked out.

Just as Chen Meng’er stepped out of the elevator door, she was stopped by the first black-shirted bodyguard. And just as the black-shirted bodyguard reached out to stop Chen Meng’er, Zhou Yunjie, who was following behind Chen Meng’er, moved. He darted over and punched the black-shirted bodyguard in the stomach.

The man was sent flying by Zhou Yunjie’s punch. When the rest of the bodyguards saw Zhou Yunjie make his move, they could not stand still anymore. They rushed over and planned to use the sea of people tactic to beat Zhou Yunjie to the ground.

“Wow. Yunjie is really too cool.” Allen let out a strange cry and joined in the chaotic battle.

Chen Meng’er casually stood there. Every time a bodyguard in black saw Chen Meng’er, who was small and did not seem to have much fighting strength, after suffering a setback with Zhou Yunjie and Allen, they would set their target on Chen Meng’er. However, every time they tried to get close to Chen Meng’er, they would inexplicably feel a pain in a certain part of their body. Then, they would either lose the feeling in their hands or their legs or even lose the feeling in their entire bodies.

The people in the room had long heard the commotion.

Yuwen Jing did not even need to go out to take a look. He knew that other than Chen Meng’er, there was no one else who could cause such a huge commotion.

Yuwen Jing did not want to talk to Lilia Hilton either. Lilia stopped talking nonsense. She stood up and walked out of the door.

“Xibo, where are you going? We haven’t finished talking.” Lilia could not sit still when she saw Yuwen Jing stand up and walk out. She stood up and chased after him.

When Yuwen Jing pushed the door open and saw the situation outside, he heaved a sigh of relief. How could he have forgotten Chen Meng’er’s combat strength? Not to mention that she still had Zhou Yunjie and Allen by her side. Even without these two helpers, these bodyguards were not her match.

Yuwen Jing heaved a sigh of relief. Meanwhile, Lilia Hilton, who was following behind Yuwen Jing, shrieked, “God, how could this be?”

Lilia Hilton had just shrieked when she felt a pain in a certain part of her body. Then, she realized that she couldn’t make a sound.

“It’s too noisy. Aren’t you afraid that your throat won’t be able to take it?” Chen Meng’er said coldly. Meanwhile, Lilia Hilton was so frightened that her eyes turned red because she couldn’t make a sound.

When Lilia Hilton’s assistant saw that she couldn’t make a sound, she was anxious. “Miss, are you okay? I’ll call the doctor right now.”

Yuwen Jing didn’t give her a single glance. He walked to Chen Meng’er’s side. “What are you doing here?”