Chapter 773

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“What? You’re allowed to see beautiful women, but I’m not allowed to see beautiful women?” Chen Meng’er glanced at Yuwen Jing and asked.

Yuwen Jing looked at Chen Meng’er’s half-smiling expression, and his heart skipped a beat. He knew that something bad was about to happen, and Chen Meng’er was probably thinking of something else. He hurriedly explained, “Meng’er, things really aren’t what you think. I really don’t have anything with her. This is only the second time I’ve seen her today.”

“Are you complaining that you’ve seen her too many times before? Alright, you can keep her by your side. I think Miss Hilton would be quite happy.” Chen Meng’er deliberately misinterpreted Yuwen Jing’s words. As Chen Meng’er spoke, she deliberately raised her eyes to look at Lilia Hilton.

Lilia Hilton was not in the mood to care about Chen Meng’er now. She was sweating profusely because she suddenly could not speak. Her assistant and her translator were also surrounding her with a helpless expression.

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“You did it on purpose. I know that I didn’t mean what I said. You should also know that I have feelings for you.” Yuwen Jing looked at Chen Meng’er dotingly and helplessly.

“Who knows? You don’t know that a man’s heart is the easiest thing to change. Oh, there’s also an old saying.” Chen Meng’er was getting addicted to teasing Yuwen Jing.

“What?” Yuwen Jing was quite cooperative.

Allen and Baro looked at their master in front of their future mistress, and they couldn’t bear to look at him. Was this still their master who had a tall and strong image and didn’t smile? Or was it still their master who was cold and heartless in front of any woman, making them go crazy and scream? Allen and Baro exchanged glances and turned their heads to the side in unison.

“If you believe a man’s words, even a cow can climb a tree.” After Chen Meng’er said that, she smiled first.

“You brat.” Yuwen Jing reached out and rubbed Chen Meng’er’s hair, which made Chen Meng’er roll her eyes.

When Chen Meng’er was talking to Yuwen Jing, her attention never left Lilia Hilton, who was jumping around. When she saw that it was almost time, she said slowly, “Don’t be so busy over there. Even if the doctor comes, don’t even think about it.” Chen Meng’er’s fluent English attracted Hilton’s attention. Lilia and the other two people’s attention.

“What do you mean by that?” Lilia Hilton’s assistant was a capable middle-aged woman in her forties. If this was in the workplace, she would probably be an elite.

“The meaning behind your words.” After Chen Meng’er finished speaking, she walked towards the presidential suite where Lilia was staying. “If you want to speak, come in.”

Obviously, what Chen Meng’er said, Lilia Hilton and the others did not believe. They did not follow Chen Meng’er in.

Chen Meng’er entered the room. How could Yuwen Jing stay here? He followed closely behind. Zhou Yunjie and the others also followed.

The presidential suite was the presidential suite after all. The service was first-class. All kinds of food and drinks were neatly arranged. These were all from Lilia Hilton when Yuwen Jing came. She had specially called for them to be sent up, but Chen Meng’er came too quickly.Now it was good for Chen Meng’er.

Chen Meng’er very unceremoniously sat down on the sofa and then poured herself a cup of coffee. She sniffed it and looked up at Yuwen Jing.