Chapter 775

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Chapter 775: Chapter 775

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Lilia Hilton knew that the woman in front of her was the one who had stolen Xibo’s heart. The way she looked at Chen Meng’er was different. She looked at Chen Meng’er up and down.

The way she looked at Chen Meng’er as if she was looking at a commodity and was estimating the price of that commodity. This made Zhou Yunjie very unhappy. Unconsciously, the cold air on his body began to radiate outwards. If Chen Meng’er had not used her eyes to signal him not to be impulsive, he would have dragged Lilia Hilton out immediately.

Their family’s little miss was of such a noble status. No one was allowed to look at her with such a contemptuous gaze.

Yuwen Jing’s expression was not much better. With a dark face, he used English to warn Lilia Hilton and said, “Lilia Hilton, please pay attention to your eyes. If you look at her like that again, I’ll gouge your eyes out right now.”

Hearing Yuwen Jing’s protective tone, Lilia Hilton revealed a displeased look. Chen Meng’er was worried that Yuwen Jing’s protectiveness would cripple Lilia Hilton. “Yuwen, don’t be so violent. How bloody would it be to dig out Lady Hilton’s eyes? I’ll do it myself. Whether it’s a silver needle or a pill, Lady Hilton can choose for herself.”

As soon as Chen Meng’er said this, Lilia Hilton’s assistant subconsciously took a step forward, wanting to use her body to block Lilia Hilton.

Lilia Hilton’s assistant, Mary, did not have any taboos against this little girl when she did not know that Chen Meng’er was the little miss of the Green Gang. However, after knowing Chen Meng’er’s identity, her attitude towards Chen Meng’er was completely different. Although she knew that there were not many things public about this underage girl in front of her, at such a young age, she could be said to be in control of the world’s largest gang. Her methods, abilities, and tactics were not simple. It was not something that Lilia Hilton could deal with.

“Lady Hilton has also sized me up for such a long time. How is it? Tell me, what is your evaluation of the opponent you saw?” Chen Meng’er did not seem to notice Mary’s guard against her. She looked at Lilia Hilton and asked.

Lilia Hilton was a completely spoiled daughter. She had always been proud and looked down on others. However, in the end, she was just like an idiot. She did not notice her assistant’s disdain towards Chen Meng’er, nor did she notice the dangerous glint in Chen Meng’er’s eyes. After she heard Chen Meng’er’s words, she raised her head slightly, then, she looked at Chen Meng’er with a straight face and said, “You’re really far from me. I wonder what kind of gaze Xibo has on such a shriveled little girl.” She looked at Chen Meng’er’s chest and then her own.

After Lilia finished speaking, Yuwen Jing and Zhou Yunjie’s expressions became even more unsightly. Meanwhile, Baro and Allen turned their heads away.

Mary’s face turned pale. She was just about to say something to stop her little miss, but she was still a step too late.

Chen Meng’er still had a smile on her face. She was not angry. What Lilia said did not make her angry at all, instead, she said with a chuckle, “I didn’t know that in the British upper-class circles, the evaluation of a woman is based on the breasts. This is the first time I’ve heard of it. I’ve really learned a lot. However, if the British upper-class circles judge a person by such standards, it’s really quite worrying. It looks like I’ll have to call my partner in the United Kingdom to ask if I want to continue working with him.” Chen Meng’er didn’t say anything to criticize Lilia Hilton.