Chapter 776

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Chapter 776: Chapter 776

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But as soon as Chen Meng’er said this, Mary’s expression changed again. Chen Meng’er felt that Mary’s face today was like a color palette— ever changing. It was very beautiful. “Miss Meng’er, right? My miss didn’t mean that. You’ve misunderstood.”

“Mary, who do you work for? How can you speak up for her? Shut up.” Lilia Hilton did not understand Mary’s good intentions.

Chen Meng’er crossed her arms over her chest and said to Mary with a faint smile, “Ms. Mary, your good intentions don’t seem to be appreciated by your miss.”

Mary was helpless as well. She was helping Lilia Hilton, who did not know that if her words were to be spread to the upper-class circles in England, she would offend countless people. She did not know how many people would point fingers at her behind her back. But obviously, Lilia Hilton had not thought of this at all.

“Alright, I won’t talk nonsense with you anymore. I came here today to confirm something with you personally. Although I already have the evidence in my hands, I still want to come here personally to listen to your answer.” Chen Meng’er did not have the mood to talk nonsense with Lilia Hilton anymore. Originally, she wanted to meet this Lilia Hilton wanted to see what kind of person she was.

However, she never thought that this Lilia Hilton would actually be such a brainless idiot. Chen Meng’er even regretted coming here. She might as well deal with it directly.

In fact, in her heart, Chen Meng’er still wanted to see what kind of person this woman who dared snatch her man was. In the end, she was a person who did not have any wit at all. It really disappointed her. “The person who cooperated with the Sun family is you, Lilia Hilton, right? It’s also you who found the mercenaries for them, right?” Chen Meng’er put away the smile on her face and looked at Lilia Hilton very seriously.

Chen Meng’er, who had changed her expression, made a wave of fear rise in Lilia Hilton’s heart toward Chen Meng’er, as if she was facing her grandfather at home. Her palms began to sweat unconsciously. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Lilia Hilton was not hopelessly stupid.

Just now, when Yuwen Jing came to question her, she vetoed it. She also knew what the outcome would be if she admitted it.

“Miss Hilton, let me give you a piece of advice. Don’t play dumb in front of me. I only came here because I have evidence in my hands. I came here today because I want to hear the answer from your mouth, and secondly, I want you to dig out the person behind your back who gave you the plan,” Chen Meng’er said coldly.

“What is that? I don’t understand a single word you’re saying,” Lilia Hilton started to avoid Chen Meng’er’s gaze. Her flickering gaze made people know that she was lying.

“Miss Hilton, I’ll ask you one more time. If you still answer like this, then I’m sorry, but your family is going to suffer. I will make it disappear from the English upper-class circle. I have always kept my word. Of course, I can also find the person behind your back who gave you advice.” Saying this, Chen Meng’er paused for a moment. Then, she continued, “Miss Hilton, you’d better think clearly. The person behind your back who gave you advice, are they worth losing the Hilton family over? Or, is that person sincere to you? Or, have they been using you all along?”

The moment Chen Meng’er said this, Lilia Hilton was silent for a moment. She was conflicted in her heart, struggling with her thoughts.

As for Mary, she did not dare not believe what Chen Meng’er said at all. Moreover, she saw things more clearly than her miss. She had previously advised her miss not to get too close to that person and not to share her heart. However, she truly treated that person as her good friend.

Her miss did not listen to her.

Mary gritted her teeth and stomped her feet. After she made up her mind, she said, “Meng’er, I can tell you what you want to know, but can you promise me one thing?”

“Go ahead.” Lilia Hilton was surprised that Mary would stand up for her but Chen Meng’er was not. Chen Meng’er was sure that if it were not for Lilia Hilton having Mary as her assistant, she would have been eaten alive.

“Actually, my miss is also a victim in this matter. She was completely set up by someone. Therefore, I would like to ask Miss Meng’er, on the account that we can give up the mastermind behind this, to spare the Hilton family and bypass my miss.” Mary lowered her body.

Lilia Hilton saw Mary lowering her body so much towards Chen Meng’er and she was very displeased. It had always been others who had humbly begged her, when did she ever lower herself to beg others? “Mary, what are you doing? You’re stepping on the face of our family. Go back, I want to tell my grandfather, my father, and the others.”

“Hehe, Miss Hilton, I advise you to obediently listen to your assistant’s words. Otherwise, who knows who will end up being scolded until they can’t even show their face?” Allen could not stand it anymore, he could not help but speak up for Mary.

“Mary, I can only agree to half of your request. If this matter has nothing to do with the Hilton family, I will not make a move against the Hilton family. I will not do anything to Lilia. I will personally call your family head and tell him about this matter.” Chen Meng’er was doing this for the sake of Mary’s loyalty. She was being lenient.