Chapter 777

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Chapter 777: Chapter 777

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Mary also knew that this was Chen Meng’er’s biggest concession.

“Mary, I’m ordering you to step aside. This is between her and me. It’s not your place to speak,” Lilia Hilton flew into a rage out of humiliation. She could not bear to see her assistant lower her head to her rival in love. However, did she think that she even had the qualifications to be Chen Meng’er’s rival in love?

She had never been in Yuwen Jing’s eyes. Moreover, she was the one who had been tormenting him. Yuwen Jing had always been avoiding her.

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“It seems that your miss doesn’t want to accept your kindness, Mary. In her heart, the entire Hilton family is not as important as her so-called friend.” Chen Meng’er really didn’t know how Lilia Hilton could be so incompetent. For a person like her to be able to live so well in the Hilton family, it seemed that her parents really doted on her.

“Miss, this isn’t the time for you to act impulsively. I’ve already tried to persuade you. Wendy has her own motives for getting close to you. She’s been using you all along. You haven’t listened.” Mary was furious when she mentioned Wendy. She knew that Wendy was a bad person. However, she reminded her miss several times, but her miss didn’t listen. She even gave her an angry look several times. Mary couldn’t figure out what Wendy had given her miss to make her obey her every word.

“Mary, I won’t allow you to talk about my friend like that. If it wasn’t for Wendy, I would have been kidnapped long ago.” Obviously, there was a twist in the story, but Chen Meng’er did not want to know at all. She just wanted to know who was behind Lilia Hilton.

At first, when Chen Meng’er saw the information that Zhou Yunjie had given her, she did not think too much about it. She thought that it was really Lilia Hilton who was the mastermind, or the Hilton family was also involved. However, on the way here, Chen Meng’er sorted out her thoughts and realized that she had missed something important.

The Hilton family wouldn’t help Lilia Hilton without considering the consequences after knowing that she was the little miss of the Green Gang and the future mistress recognized by the Buyano family. Lilia Hilton would try to deal with her without the support of the Hilton family, but she would not be able to do anything. Lilia Hilton was only a socialite at best. She did not have the ability to hire that mercenary group.

In order to hire this mercenary group, besides having enough money, one had to have a certain degree of friendship. Otherwise, this mercenary group would not risk being wanted to come to the capital just for a small reward. One had to know that their country was still different from other countries.

Therefore, Chen Meng’er guessed that there was another person behind Lilia Hilton who was controlling the overall situation. However, for a moment, Chen Meng’er couldn’t remember who this person was. It seemed that the people she knew who had grudges against her or wanted to kill her were all under the surveillance of the Green Gang’s intelligence network, and there hadn’t been any big movements recently.

Meanwhile, Chen Meng’er listened to Lilia Hilton and Mary. They had mentioned the name ‘Wendy’ over and over again, and her brows furrowed slightly. She was still very confident in her memory. Speaking of which, she had never heard of this person’s name. Since she had never heard of her, it meant that she should not have a grudge against her.

Since there was no grudge, what reason did Wendy have to expend so much effort to deal with her in such a roundabout way?

“I don’t care about the relationship between Wendy and the two of you. Right now, I just want to know who is the mastermind behind this matter. My patience is limited. I don’t want to waste my time with the two of you.” Chen Meng’er had lost her patience. It was precisely because Chen Meng’er was a little agitated that she ignored Yuwen Jing, Allen, Baro, and the others when they heard Wendy’s name. However, Zhou Yunjie saw it all. “I’ll give you one last chance. Do you want to talk or not? Regardless, I’ll go investigate on my own. Mary, you should know very well that to our Green Gang, it’s only a matter of time before we have to investigate something. When the time comes, I can’t guarantee that I won’t go easy on your family.” Chen Meng’er’s patience was really running out.