Chapter 780

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Chapter 780: Chapter 780

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Chen Meng’er had always known that Yuwen Jing’s position in her heart was different. However, it was only because of the little love and persistence she had for Yuwen Jing in her previous life. However, this love and persistence had unknowingly developed in a direction that Chen Meng’er was unaware of,

if not for this matter, Chen Meng’er would not have realized that Yuwen Jing’s position in her heart was already so important. It was so important that it could affect her emotions and decisions in handling matters.

This was not what Chen Meng’er wanted to see. Therefore, Chen Meng’er decided that she needed to calm down. Whether it was her own emotions or her feelings for Yuwen Jing, she needed to calm down properly.

After entering the space, Chen Meng’er was not in the mood to care about the herbs, fruits, and vegetables in the space. She quickly walked towards the pharmacy. Whenever her emotions were unstable, she would only be able to calm down when she was developing pills and powders.

Once Chen Meng’er entered the pharmacy, she stayed there for more than half a day.

Elder Liu, Zhuge Yu, and the others looked at Chen Meng’er’s tightly shut door and were very worried.

“If I had known earlier, I would have risked my life to not let Yuwen Jing get close to the little miss,” Fatty said with a face full of regret.

“What’s the use of saying all this now? I only hope that the little miss is not too sad,” Ah Biao said as he could not help but sigh first.

Elder Liu and Zhuge Yu did not speak the entire time, but their expressions were grim.

Meanwhile, Chen Meng’er, who was in the space, felt much better after developing a new body-nourishing pill.

Some things suddenly came to her mind in a split second.

When Chen Meng’er left the space, the sky outside had already turned dark. When Chen Meng’er pushed open the door, a few people suddenly jumped out of the originally empty door, accompanied by Fatty’s delighted voice, “Sir, the little miss is out. The little miss is out.” Fatty had just finished speaking when he was hit on the head by Skinny from behind. “Even if you don’t speak, no one will treat you as a mute. Moreover, we all have eyes, we all saw it.”

Chen Meng’er looked at the group of people who suddenly appeared, and saw that they were looking at her with worried eyes. Chen Meng’er’s heart was touched.

“Grandpa, Uncle Zhuge, Uncle Fatty, Uncle Skinny, Uncle Ah Biao, you guys are so free today. You guys are actually enjoying the moonlight in this courtyard at night.” Chen Meng’er smiled.

“That’s right. These uncles of yours are too uninteresting. So, when everyone is free, I pulled them over to enjoy the moonlight. Ah, we were so focused on enjoying the moonlight that we didn’t even know that we were hungry. Come on, accompany me to eat something?” Elder Liu was worried that Chen Meng’er would be hungry, but he was afraid that if he said it directly, this girl would refuse, so he said it in a roundabout way.

“Yes, Now that you mention it, I am really hungry. I have to ask the kitchen to make more delicious food later,” Chen Meng’er said with a relaxed expression.

When Chen Meng’er came out, Elder Liu, Zhuge Yu, and the others secretly observed her expression. Seeing Chen Meng’er’s relaxed expression, they knew that she had really thought it through. Their worried hearts could finally be set at ease.

The group of people chatted and laughed as they went to the kitchen to have dinner.

The atmosphere at Yuwen Jing’s place was terrifyingly gloomy.

At the Beijing Hotel, when Chen Meng’er left, Yuwen Jing did not chase after her. However, he was still worried about Chen Meng’er. Therefore, in the afternoon, he thought about it and decided to give Elder Liu a call to inquire about Chen Meng’er’s situation.

However, after the call was connected, Elder Liu heard that it was Yuwen Jing. Without waiting for him to speak, Elder Liu scolded him harshly on the phone. In the end, he even said that their Green Gang would not welcome Yuwen Jing in the future, they also did not allow him to appear in front of Chen Meng’er again. After saying that, Elder Liu rudely hung up the phone.

Elder Liu’s reaction was within Yuwen Jing’s expectations. However, his mood was extremely bad because of this.

Baro and Allen quickly brought Wendy back. Needless to say, Wendy had been hiding in the capital all this time.

“Wendy, I only want to ask you one thing. Was it your doing to deal with Meng’er and find mercenaries to cooperate with the Sun family?” Yuwen Jing had long lost his patience with Wendy. Now, as long as he thought about how it was all because of Wendy that Chen Meng’er fell into such a dangerous situation, he could not wait to get rid of Wendy right now.

“Yes.” Wendy’s answer was also very straightforward, and she did not defend herself at all.

“In that case, don’t blame me for being rude. Wendy, I’ve told you since the moment you came to my side that Meng’er is my bottom line. As long as you touch my bottom line, I won’t let the go no matter who who they are,” Yuwen Jing said to Wendy. He was very cruel.

Wendy had a smile on her face when she came in. At this moment, she could no longer maintain that smile. “I don’t understand. How did she make you so devoted to her? What did she do to you that you wouldn’t even look at any other woman other than her? Tell me, how am I inferior to her?” Wendy was very emotional. Her words were also a little messy.

“Don’t compare yourself to her. You can’t compare to her.” Yuwen Jing’s words were like a silver needle once again, poking Wendy’s heart. Wendy suddenly burst into laughter from the pain, so much so that tears came out of her eyes.

Seeing Wendy like this, Baro and Allen couldn’t bear to see it. However, the two of them didn’t dare plead on Wendy’s behalf. This time, Wendy really touched their master’s bottom line.

“Baro, Allen, what are you two still standing here for? Take her away, as usual,” Yuwen Jing said coldly.

“Master.” Allen didn’t expect his master to give such an order. He couldn’t help but shout.

“Xibo Buyano, you can’t do this to me. When my father sacrificed his life for you, what did you promise him?” Wendy didn’t expect Yuwen Jing to treat her like this.