Chapter 781

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Chapter 781: Chapter 781

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Wendy had disregarded Yuwen Jing’s warning and had attacked Chen Meng’er. It was all because she had always felt that Yuwen Jing would not really do anything to her. At most, he would scold her after he found out. However, the development of the matter had exceeded her expectations.

Yuwen Jing had actually ordered people to deal with her according to the family rules of the Buyano family without a word.

The treatment of those who disobeyed the orders of the family head was very cruel. At the very least, they would be expelled from the Buyano family, which meant that she could only live at the bottom of society in the future, all the big companies wouldn’t hire her. Heavier punishments were unimaginable.

Whether it was a light punishment or a heavy punishment, this was not what Wendy wanted.

“Why can’t I treat you like this? I promised your father before he passed away that I would take good care of you on his behalf. That’s all. I never promised him that I would forgive all your mistakes. Wendy, if I remember correctly, from the moment you came to my side, I specifically reminded you that Meng’er was my future wife, the future mistress of the Buyano family. When you see her, you have to respect her as if you saw me. But you, not only did you ignore my words, you actually used my connections to hire that mercenary group to deal with her. You’re too much,” Yuwen Jing said. His face became more and more gloomy. The cold air emitted from his body made Baro, who was standing beside him, shiver involuntarily.

Wendy’s father was one of the secret guards that Yuwen Jing had trained. He usually protected Yuwen Jing’s safety in the dark. Once, when Yuwen Jing was on his way out, he was ambushed. The other party was very aggressive and vowed to kill Yuwen Jing. Therefore, they invested a lot of money. Not only did they hire mercenaries, but they also hired snipers.

At that time, Yuwen Jing did not have any defenses and there were not enough people around him.

The situation was very dangerous. The most critical thing was that when Yuwen Jing was fighting with those mercenaries, the snipers who were lying in ambush made a move. A bullet was aimed straight at Yuwen Jing’s chest. At the most critical moment, Wendy’s father pounced on Yuwen Jing and used his body to help Yuwen Jing block the bullet.

Before his death, Wendy’s father entrusted his daughter to Yuwen Jing and asked Yuwen Jing to help take care of her.

However, if Wendy’s father knew what happened after that, he wondered if he would regret the trust he had given his daughter before his death. Wendy had been by her father’s side since she was young. Her mother had left their family not long after she was born because she could not stand the loneliness of her husband’s absence.

Therefore, Wendy could be considered to have been raised by her father alone. Her father was a strong man. Apart from giving Wendy everything, he had also taught his daughter all his skills. However, he did not know that although he had taught Wendy almost everything, there were some things that had a subtle influence on his daughter.

As a result, he had raised his daughter to be very strong. And it was this kind of influence that made Wendy believe that Yuwen Jing was the person she liked and the man she wanted to spend her life with when she first saw him. So, she had been working very hard to become the woman who could stand by Yuwen Jing’s side.

However, when she was working hard, she was told that Yuwen Jing had long been with someone else. And that woman had long been recognized by everyone in the Buyano family. Wendy couldn’t accept this news. She had been by Yuwen Jing’s side for more than a year, which made her fall in love with Yuwen Jing even deeper. And she had always believed that only she was the most suitable woman to be by Yuwen Jing’s side.