Chapter 783

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Chapter 783: Chapter 783

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When Wendy found out that Yuwen Jing was going to hand her over to Chen Meng’er, she was so emotional that she pounced on Yuwen Jing. If it wasn’t for Baro and Allen’s quick reaction, Wendy didn’t know what would have happened to her.

Wendy was being held up by Baro and Allen. She struggled, and she no longer had the air of a strong woman like before. “Xibo Buyano, you can punish me however you want. I’ll accept it. However, I don’t agree to you handing me over to Chen Meng’er.”

“I don’t need your opinions.” Yuwen Jing’s coldness was not something that an ordinary person could withstand. “Baro, keep an eye on her. Someone from the Green Gang will come in a while. When the time comes, just hand her over to them.”

“Understood, master.” Baro couldn’t bear to see Wendy in such a sorry state. However, he knew clearly that Wendy had brought this upon herself. If it weren’t for the fact that she wanted something that didn’t belong to her, she wouldn’t have ended up like this. Thinking of this, Baro looked at his master’s back as he left and said helplessly, “I’ve already told you. Master isn’t someone you can dream of, and you’re no match for Mistress.”

However, no matter what Baro said now, it was too late.

Wendy stared at Yuwen Jing’s back as he left, as if she wanted to pierce a hole in him.

Chen Meng’er asked Zhou Yunjie to send someone to Yuwen Jing to bring Wendy back. However, after Zhou Yunjie received Chen Meng’er’s order, he personally came to bring Wendy back. As long as he thought of what Wendy had done to his little miss behind her back, he could not wait to kill Wendy with one shot.

When Allen saw Zhou Yunjie, he immediately acted as if they were friends, but Zhou Yunjie ignored him. “Where is she?” Zhou Yunjie said coldly.

“Yunjie, why are you so cold? We are friends.” As he spoke, Allen went forward to put his arm around Zhou Yunjie’s shoulder, but Zhou Yunjie avoided him.

Zhou Yunjie also knew Allen’s temper, so he simply ignored Allen and directly asked Baro for her. “Where’s Wendy? Could it be that your master went back on his word and couldn’t bear to let her go?” Zhou Yunjie said coldly.

“Jie, it’s not like you don’t know my master’s feelings for your little miss. How could he do that?” Baro saw Zhou Yunjie’s cold attitude towards them and secretly broke out in cold sweat for his master. It looked like it wouldn’t be an easy task for his master to appease his future mistress.

“To be holair, my little miss really doesn’t dare accept your master’s kindness. Look, it hasn’t even happened yet and she’s already in trouble.” Zhou Yunjie was really angry, that was why he transferred his anger towards Yuwen Jing to Baro and Allen. “Alright, I won’t waste any more time with you. My Little Miss is still waiting for me to bring her back.”

Wendy was imprisoned in a small, dark room in Yuwen Jing’s office building in the capital city. The entire room was only five square meters. There were no windows on all four sides, and there were no lights inside. Therefore, when the door was closed, it was pitch black inside.

Wendy had been locked inside for a while, and she had gradually adapted to the darkness inside. On the contrary, when the door of the small dark room was opened, the light coming in from the outside made her feel particularly dazzling. She subconsciously covered her eyes with her hand.

“Wendy, get up. You are to leave with someone else.” Baro and Allen looked at Wendy, who appeared to be in a sorry state, and they were also very upset.