Chapter 1415 - The Big Boss's Warning and Troublemaker!

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“What’s the point of a dog that likes to bite but only has half its teeth left?”

Pei Yunge suddenly chuckled, but her tone made Tang Boyang shiver.

With that said, Pei Yunge stood up and was ready to leave.

Tang Boyang suddenly regained his senses and struggled crazily. “Pei Yunge, come back! What are you doing?! Come back!”

Pei Yunge ignored him and did not stop walking.

“Pei Yunge!! I won’t let you off!”

“Don’t think that Shidu can protect you from messing around!”

Lu Zhiyan could not help asking, “What did you say to him?”


Pei Yunge looked at him and said lazily, “I’ll leave her to you.”

Lu Zhiyan nodded. “Don’t worry, I’ll get some useful information from him.”

The Physics Department Head had just opened the door when he saw Pei Yunge sitting inside. After a moment of silence, he resisted the urge to close the door and leave.

“What are you doing here?”

Logically speaking, teachers like them should like students with good results.

However, Pei Yunge was a headache.

What good could come from coming here personally?

Pei Yunge handed the note to him and said gently, “I want to take leave.”

The Head of Department took a deep breath. “Do you have any special situation?”

Pei Yunge was silent for a moment before she said honestly, “No.”

The Head of Department was speechless.

The atmosphere fell into a strange coldness.

The Head of Department’s expression did not look too good either. He gave a fake smile. “Pei Yunge, I know you’re quite capable, but Yun University has never given anyone special privileges!”

“Besides, if you come and apply for leave without a reason, would I still be the Head of Department if others copied you?!”

Hearing this, Pei Yunge nodded pretentiously.

Just as the Head of Department’s eyebrows relaxed, he heard her ask, “Then just take it that I skipped class?”

He could not help but cough a few times. Holding his chest, he sat down and drank a glass of water. “How about this? I’ll let you have a holiday half a month earlier in Year 3.”

“I’ll give you a chance. If you can score above 85 marks in the final exam of your third year, I’ll agree to let you take leave. This way, I can give others an explanation.”

Perhaps Pei Yunge agreed too quickly, so the Head of Department choked on the water.

He looked up and asked awkwardly, “Are you serious?”

Pei Yunge replied carelessly, “Mm.”

“If you don’t get 85 marks this time and have no final results, I won’t give you a leave slip in the future.”

The Head of Department placed the teacup on the table and said calmly.

It was obvious that she was confident.

Pei Yunge licked the corners of her lips, her eyes curled up lazily. “Sure.”

After Pei Yunge left…

The other professors could not help turning to look at the Head of Department, as if they were condemning him for being inhumane with their eyes.

What kind of joke was this??

The content learned by this year’s Physics third year students was experimental. It was very different from what Pei Yunge had learned and the Physics textbooks in the country.

Not to mention Pei Yunge, every third-year student in this year was struggling to learn! Therefore, even among this year’s students, no one was confident that they could score more than 85 marks for all subjects!

Wasn’t the Head of Department clearly scamming her??

“Head of Department, be more friendly to the seeded candidates of our department.”

The female professor from the Physics Department muttered, “Is there anyone who plays dirty like you?”

The Head of Department was smug. “What do you mean by playing dirty tricks? This is called deception.”