Chapter 1416 - My Good Older Brother, Fernans Is Provoked

I Turned Wild After Being Doted On By The Big Bosses Su Xianning, 苏闲佞 2022/9/13 16:23:54

The Head of Department grabbed a handful of fish food and walked to the transparent fish tank to feed it. “Our Yun University child is good at everything, but she’s too arrogant and ignorant.”

“Isn’t Pei Yunge the first one? She’s very rebellious.”

The Head of Department snorted. He was already looking forward to the outcome of this group of arrogant geniuses being beaten up by society.

“The person who released the paper this time is Professor Smith, who came over from Nili University. I won’t let him have mercy. I just want this group of brats to learn a lesson.”

Huo Shidu was listening to the economic news as he glanced at the documents in his hand casually.

Only Old Master Fernans’ face darkened with anger.

He leaned on his walking stick and said angrily, “What do you mean??

“I know you don’t have a good relationship with Roland, but how can you send your biological father to jail like this?!”

Zhou Yue frowned and defended instinctively, “Old Sir, this has nothing to do with Master Du!”

Huo Shidu glanced at him slowly, making Zhou Yue shut up immediately and stop talking.

“It’s alright? If it’s alright, who in Yun Cheng can touch Roland?!”

Fernans did not believe it. He had always been angry and heartbroken for his biological grandson.

His heart ached for Huo Shidu for not living well, but he was also angry that he had always acted on his own accord.

He didn’t care who said it.

Seeing that Huo Shidu was not planning to explain, the assistant, who had been following Tang Boyang, could only say, “Old Sir, it’s true that it has nothing to do with Mr Huo. It’s mainly because of that young lady from the Qin family in Yun Cheng…”

The man, who had remained silent, suddenly looked up with his pale-colored pupils, his gaze making one’s heart flutter.

The assistant felt a chill down his spine and subconsciously lowered his head, not daring to say anything bad about Pei Yunge anymore.

“Miss Qin?”

Fernans thought for a while before he suddenly remembered. “Is it Pei Yunge?”

Seeing Fernans look over, Zhou Yue immediately turned around guiltily.

However, Fernans understood.

“Pei Yunge actually did it?!”

At this moment, after the man sitting on the sofa turned off the television, he said slowly, “Even if Grandpa wants to interfere, I won’t stand by and do nothing.”

This was the first time Huo Shidu had called him that, so Fernans was stunned for a moment.

However, he quickly regained his senses!

Didn’t Huo Shidu mean that he would defend that brat?!

Fernans’ expression darkened immediately.

“I really have a good grandson!”

Fernans could not suppress his anger. “Okay! Then let me ask you how Roland provoked that girl. Do you have to be so ruthless?”

Huo Shidu asked, “Are you going to visit her in jail?”

Seeing the two of them hesitating, the old butler, who had remained silent, said softly, “Old Sir, it seems to be because…”

“Miss Pei’s biological grandfather was poisoned and is currently in a coma because of Roland.”

Fernans’ expression changed. It was only after he met Huo Shidu’s eyes that he realized that this matter was true.

Just as Fernans spoke in a low voice—

“If that’s the case, that girl definitely won’t be able to sleep these few days. She must have a heavy heart and has no choice but to…”

A lazy and sloppy voice sounded from the corridor outside. “Hello, Aunt Miao. Did you see where my good brother is?”

Aunt Miao suppressed the smile on her lips and coughed, signaling Pei Yunge, who was blowing bubble gum and carrying a bag of snacks in her pocket, to look inside.

Pei Yunge turned around instinctively and met eyes with four to five people.