Chapter 1417 - Isn't Good Older Brother Here to Pick Our Yunyun Up?

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The atmosphere fell into an awkward silence.

With that, the man only narrowed his pale-colored peach blossom eyes and walked out to Pei Yunge’s side.

Seeing Pei Yunge chewing on bubble gum silently…

He found it funny and casually lifted the black hair by her cheek with his long fingers. “Mm? What’s wrong?”

Pei Yunge glanced at the man in front of her and had a feeling that this person was up to no good, but she still said, “…It’s a little embarrassing.”

The man’s calm appearance disappeared. He could not help but lower his head and lean his forehead against the little girl’s neck.

At this moment, Pei Yunge was very sensitive and her embarrassment turned into anger. “Huo Shidu.” She was expressionless. “You’re laughing secretly.”

“Mm? Older Brother didn’t.”

The man’s light breath and voice were filled with magnetic delight.

Pei Yunge felt the man’s short hair tickle her a little and her ears slowly turned red.

The man held Pei Yunge’s hand and slowly interlocked his fingers into hers. This action was inexplicably ambiguous. He suddenly spoke slowly.

“Yunyun, don’t scold people secretly.”

Pei Yunge wanted to scold someone even more.

Seeing that the little girl was really unhappy, Huo Shidu immediately coaxed her intimately.

However, his laughter was low and hoarse. His light tone was charming and seemed to be teasing the wind by her ear. “It’s alright. Isn’t your good brother here to fetch our Yunyun?”

Back in the living room.

Fernans was already sitting on the sofa drinking tea made by the old butler.

“Why are you here?” Fernans’ tone was not good, as if he did not welcome Pei Yunge.

Pei Yunge’s face was calm. “I have an exam in a few days. I want to go home and get Older Brother to help me revise.”

These words shocked Zhou Yue.

Miss Pei’s ability to brag without thinking was really getting better and better.

Fernans asked in disbelief, “Don’t tell me you retained again?”

Pei Yunge was speechless.

Everyone fell silent.

Especially the assistant Tang Boyang called over to complain.

Seeing that not only did Fernans not find trouble with Pei Yunge, he was even concerned about whether others had retained, the corners of his lips could not help twitching.

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Those who didn’t know better would think that Pei Yunge was his biological granddaughter.

“Not this time.”

Pei Yunge glanced at Huo Shidu slowly. “Older Brother taught me well.”

Zhou Yue glanced at the man whose expression was calm as he let Pei Yunge mess around. His eyelids could not help twitching.

“Old Sir, you’re so concerned about me.”

Pei Yunge’s lazy words sounded like a sigh, making Fernans blush.

Fernans immediately said coldly, “Concerned about you? I just wanted to remind you that our Fernans family rules state that you cannot repeat a grade more than twice.”

The old butler was speechless.

When did this family rule exist?

Fernans looked arrogant. “I don’t expect you to get an annual scholarship, but you have to at least get a graduation certificate, right?”

Then, the Old Master changed the subject as if he was shooting at Huo Shidu. “If our Fernans can’t even teach our wife well, how can we expect to teach our future children well?”

Huo Shidu glanced at Pei Yunge carelessly and said, “I’ll teach her well.”

Pei Yunge turned to look at him.

Fernans was satisfied, but the assistant panicked and immediately lowered his voice. “Old Sir, then Mr Roland, he…”

“Why? Do you think the surname Fernans is Roland’s umbrella?”

The Old Master’s tone was calm, but there was an undeniable dignity in it.