Chapter 1419 - Master Du: Yunyun, Have You Thought About It—

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Huo Shidu looked at the stunned little girl in front of him and tried his best to dissipate the darkness in his eyes. For the first time, he felt irritable and disgusted with himself.

He was not a good person either.

He knew how despicable and ridiculous he was because of the little girl’s reckless fondness for him, but he was still using despicable methods to seduce a little girl who was ignorant of the world.

He wanted to pull her into hell and make her feel the darkest desire buried in his body.

However, wherever she went, flowers bloomed and glory and love filled her path.


Pei Yunge suddenly called out and moved closer to his ear on purpose, using a tone that was even more deadly to men.

The man was already used to the little girl’s nonsense and looked down in the next second.

He scratched the little girl’s chin carelessly, signaling her to be obedient.

His selfishness was a love that even the gods avoided.

However, he was tamed by the girl and turned into an evil dragon that removed its own claws.

Huo Shidu looked at the unaware little girl in front of him and the darkness in his eyes dissipated little by little.

He suddenly chuckled and held her hand casually. His voice sounded inexplicably charming in her ears. “Yunyun, have you thought it through…”

“What should I do with my life?”

These words sounded inexplicably ambiguous from the man’s mouth.

“What’s wrong with you? Do you look like you’ve been sucked dry by a male demon?”

Seeing Pei Yunge in a daze, the corners of Xu Xianing’s lips twitched.

Pei Yunge propped up her cheek lazily and sighed. “I want to too.”

Xu Xianing choked on her soy milk.

Could he be more reserved??

However, when they turned around and thought about Pei Yunge’s boyfriend, it was indeed very difficult for anyone to control themselves…

“You guys haven’t… done that?”

After regaining her senses, Xu Xianing moved closer sneakily. “Is it because your President Huo is old-fashioned, or because… there might be a problem?”

Pei Yunge was speechless.

Sensing Pei Yunge’s cold gaze, Xu Xianing’s neck turned cold and she immediately said, “I’m just concerned about you. The earlier you treat this kind of problem, the better!”

Pei Yunge turned around, a little impatient. “He’s fine.”

It was not that Huo Shidu had not reacted to her before.

However, every time things were going to spin out of control, Huo Shidu would rather take a cold shower.

Did he think that she was bad?

“Then your President Huo will probably still treat you as a child.” Xu Xianing’s casual words hit Pei Yunge’s sore spot.

Xu Xianing felt a certain master’s death gaze again.

No way? Did she have to be like this even if she was telling the truth?

In the gradually cooling atmosphere, Xu Xianing suddenly raised her hand. “I have a solution!”

Hearing this, Pei Yunge only looked at her calmly for a while before she snorted softly.

This extremely mocking smile immediately angered Xu Xianing.

“What do you mean? Are you looking down on me?”

“No.” Pei Yunge brushed him off.

Xu Xianing was speechless.

Xu Xianing took a deep breath and suppressed her temper. She smiled. “Don’t doubt me. When you find a chance, I guarantee that your President Huo won’t be able to take it.”

Pei Yunge smirked, not believing Xu Xianing’s nonsense. However, she never thought that Xu Xianing would really prepare seriously…

The final exam was approaching.

Even the students of Yun University did not look relaxed. They wished they could stay in the library for the next few weeks.