Chapter 1420 - The Rule of the Top Scorer, The Old Master's Indulgent Love

I Turned Wild After Being Doted On By The Big Bosses Su Xianning, 苏闲佞 2022/9/13 16:23:55

Hai Ning glanced around and checked the situation of the class. She asked casually, “Where’s Pei Yunge?”

Meng Wenwen chuckled. “She’s the top scorer. How can she take this final exam seriously?”

Hearing this, Hai Ning pursed her lips and tightened her grip on the book.

This semester, no one in the class worked harder than her. No one knew how hard she worked to win against everyone.

Especially Pei Yunge.

Meng Wenwen suddenly noticed Hai Ning’s expression and immediately said, “Ningning, I heard that the professors in the department are interested in increasing the difficulty of this exam, especially for the third-year students.”

“Pei Yunge didn’t even revise. She’ll definitely be eliminated this time. So what if she’s talented? How can she compare to you, Ningning?”

Hai Ning’s expression improved.

She only opened her book and continued revising. She said with a smile, “I don’t care about this either. I just hope that I can learn more.”

Actually, not only were Hai Ning and the rest paying attention to Pei Yunge, even the students of the other classes were paying attention to this top scorer who skipped class every day.

They heard that the top scorer of this year was even more arrogant than the previous top scorers. She basically never came to class.

However, Yun University had a ‘Top Scorer’ rule.

Every year, as long as the top scorer of the college entrance examination was extremely arrogant, she would not be able to enter the top three in the Year One final exam.

This might be the first beating the chosen one received when she was about to enter society.

Someone from the Physics Department even started a private bet—

How far could this year’s top scorer big shot go?

At the thought of Pei Yunge’s arrogant and impudent character, most people bet on the top five and some bet on the top ten.

Anyway, very few people bet on the top three, let alone first place.

Pei Yunge, who was treated as a bet, was busy in the laboratory and did not even look up.

Si Chengyan bit on an apple and watched the school news as he glanced at Pei Yunge, who was so focused that she ignored all existence.

“Why do you have to go to the Physics Department? Aren’t you graduating with your eyes closed if you come to me?”

Si Chengyan was puzzled.

Originally, Pei Yunge had decided to study at Yun University to confuse those people with ulterior motives.

After all, no one could have thought that Y.G., a new scientific researcher in Country A, would actually be a freshman at Yun University.

This arrangement was also for Pei Yunge’s safety.

However, they were all studying at Yun University. It was much more convenient for Pei Yunge to be in the Computing Department than the Physics Department.

“Professor Si, that’s enough. If I didn’t persist in scientific research, my Old Master would have almost sent me to the Finance Department.”

Pei Yunge had just taken off her goggles and latex gloves before she spoke slowly.

Si Chengyan was speechless.

Pei Yunge’s patience with her elders was even more scary than some parents doting on brats.

However, after Si Chengyan heard this, he realized that Old Master Qin really doted on Pei Yunge.

He probably asked Pei Yunge to study finance because he was afraid that his three brothers might not treat Pei Yunge well if he passed away in the future.

He still wanted to give the company shares to Pei Yunge.

Si Chengyan clicked his tongue, finding the Old Master’s favoritism a little funny.

Why was this Old Master guarding against his biological grandsons as if he was guarding against outsiders?

Until the Year Three final exam started.

The students in the second row suddenly found an unfamiliar face and could not help but look at Pei Yunge in the third row.

Someone became excited. “T-This looks like Pei Yunge from Year One!”