Chapter 1422 - Handing In the Paper In Advance, Meeting the Top Scorer!

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“I think I saw…”

Yang De looked at the electronic paper that had been submitted on the computer desk hesitantly. He even started to suspect if he had seen wrongly.

One of the professors chuckled. “What did you see? The earliest time to submit the paper is 20 minutes before the completion time. It’s only been half an hour. Who would submit it for you?”

Smith asked considerately, “Old De, are you seeing things?”

Yang De was speechless.

Just as Huang Zuyi had a bad feeling and kept thinking of the person who took the exam with the third year students, he was pushed by someone beside him.

“Handing in the paper in half an hour. Is our school going to produce some scientific research genius? Okay, let’s go. Everyone, let’s go and eat. Don’t starve our Old De silly.”

At this point, another professor rubbed his palms together. “Yes, yes. Those brats usually fight for food very quickly. It’s not easy for us old bones to go to the canteen to eat in peace.”

He turned to look at Yang De. “Old De, quick, let’s go.”

Yang De wanted to say something but hesitated. He looked at the submitted paper, but at the thought that there would be braised pork ribs in the canteen today, he turned off his computer and went downstairs with the other professors.

In the examination hall, Pei Yunge glanced at the time and turned off her computer on time.

Then, the Year Three students, who had yet to establish their dignity, watched as Pei Yunge suddenly stood up and left.

At this moment, even the invigilator was not around. It was impossible for anyone to finish it so quickly.

However, what he did not expect was that some students had already left.

“She… finished the examination?”

Someone’s eyes widened in disbelief.

However, someone immediately retorted, “Impossible. Who in our school can submit their paper now?”

Hearing this, everyone suddenly remembered.

They almost forgot that it would take at least an hour to submit any Yun University paper.

“Could it be that… Pei Yunge can’t continue and left?”

The group of students who were taking the exam were still discussing Pei Yunge. Their voices were filled with pity for the freshman. They had even forgotten that they had not completed the paper.

“Oh right, Huang Hengyuan, how far have you gone?”

Huang Hengyuan looked away from the door and glanced at the time before he said with a smile, “It’ll be done in more than half an hour.”

“Damn! The older the ginger, the spicier it is. Our third-year top scorer is the best!” Someone in the classroom was envious and someone was praising him.

After Huang Hengyuan saw Pei Yunge leave, he did not think that Pei Yunge was any threat and only said, “How can I compare to a junior?”

Huang Zuyi and the other professors were already ordering their dishes excitedly.

Yang De could not help but sigh. “This canteen without students is really a paradise on earth.”

The other professors nodded in agreement.

One of the professors, who had just been freed from his fourth year of university, chuckled. “Come on, your students are not even in their fourth year of university yet. You don’t know how I survived last semester.”

“Even when I was eating, I lost my appetite at the thought of those brats’ graduation thesis. I wonder if these people want me to send them away or send me away.”

These words resonated strongly with the other professors.

A group of professors sat at the dining table and started to complain crazily. Someone pulled Huang Zuyi and asked him what was with the top scorer he led.

Before Huang Zuyi could answer, the few of them were laughing when they suddenly saw a familiar figure slowly approaching.

At this moment, Pei Yunge had just finished eating and was about to leave with her plate when she suddenly felt a group of people staring at her.