Chapter 1423 - Smith's Steal, Pei Yunge Is Y.G.?

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Pei Yunge turned around and saw the very famous professors in her department.

“Professors, all of you are here for a meal so early?” Pei Yunge raised an eyebrow politely and greeted the professors.

The professors were speechless.

Why was this person earlier than them?

With that said, Pei Yunge turned around and left.

Yang De glanced at his watch and his hand that was pointing at Pei Yunge’s back was trembling. “W-What’s going on?? It’s not time to submit the paper yet!”

Another professor sighed with a smile. “Professor Huang, it looks like the top scorer of your year isn’t that good at resisting pressure.”

There were many straight As students in Yun University and a few students who had the courage to take the exam.

Although those few people ended up in a terrible state and were traumatized by the Year Two and Year Three students, they did not run away like Pei Yunge.

He never thought that…

Hearing the other professors say this, Huang Zuyi immediately chuckled. “If you have time to care about my student, you might as well go and see the rankings this time.”

With that said, Huang Zuyi left with the plate.

“No way? Old Huang likes that student so much?” The professor was stunned for a moment before he asked in return.

It was his first time seeing Huang Zuyi so protective of his child.

“Smith, what are you looking at?” Yang De turned around and saw Smith in a daze.

“Why do I feel like… I’ve seen that person before?”

He just could not remember where he had seen her before.

“Pei Yunge?”

Yang De retorted, “How is that possible? You didn’t see any outsiders in Nili University, did you?”

In the past, Smith rarely taught students and was more focused on academics. Not to mention Pei Yunge, even the students of Nili University might not have seen him before.

“I think I saw her at the Farizk awards ceremony…”

Smith wanted to say something but hesitated. “I think I’m wrong.”

Smith’s wife was a professor from the Mathematics Department. At the Farizk awards ceremony last year, although Smith had not been invited, Mrs Smith, who was an elite in the industry, had gotten a guest spot.

Therefore, that day, in order to give his wife a trench coat, Smith, who was considerate of his wife, had been waiting for someone at the backstage exit.

However, he never thought that…

She happened to see an Asian girl. From afar, she looked a little blurry as she was surrounded by everyone.

She could only feel that that girl was very beautiful.

However, that person seemed to have a bad temper.

The organizer of Farizk and a group of people who looked like the girl’s private bodyguards chased after her and kept putting in good words for her. However, that person left without a word with a cold expression from the start to the end.

Through his tone, Smith found out that she seemed to be Y.G. from Country A.

She actually looked less than twenty years old.

However, what left a deep impression on Smith was that Y.G. rejected Farizk and even beat up the award presenter.

It was simply arrogant and impudent.

“You must be wrong. How can Pei Yunge be related to Farizk?”

Yang De snorted. “I heard that the Mathematics Department professor even gave Pei Yunge 18 questions to do before, deliberately killing her spirit.”

“He probably suffered a huge blow, so our Physics Department didn’t go to the Mathematics Department next door.”

Hearing Yang De say this, Smith also felt that he was crazy.

If word got out, he was afraid that he would be sent to a mental hospital for treatment.

The freshmen were distributing exam documents. They were all within the scope of the exam, but everyone still did not see Pei Yunge appear.