Chapter 1425 - Yun University's System Bug, Acknowledgement

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Pei Yunge did not notice the gazes around her.

At the same time, a new item was being auctioned on the stage. Due to its special location, there was no auctioneer in this auction house. Instead, the auctioneer would personally go up on stage to introduce the item. As for whether it would succeed or not, it all depended on the eloquence of the auctioneer and the value of the item itself.

The new item was a huge axe-shaped spirit tool. On the whole, it did not look much different from the axe in the outside world. However, for some reason, the moment this spirit tool appeared, it attracted the surrounding spiritual energy to gather towards it.

It was very obvious that this spirit tool had its own uniqueness, but Gu Xi was not interested.

Although there were not many people who used this sort of axe-shaped spirit tool, it was a genuine ancient spirit tool after all. Many people present began to bid one after another.

“1,500!” A person was the first to speak loudly.

The auctioneer on the stage shook his head slightly. Clearly, this was not the price he wanted.

One bid after another rang out. The price of this axe was also getting higher and higher.

“2,200 spirit stones? Is it that cheap?”

Gu Xi, who was below the stage, frowned. He had a puzzled look on his face.

Although he did not know the true level of this spirit tool, it was still a genuine ancient spirit tool. Moreover, it looked like it had just appeared in the world. 2,200 spirit stones was indeed too low a price.

If it were in the outside world, the price would at least be more than ten times higher.

“The currency here is not spirit stones, but this.” The white-clothed woman pursed her lips into a smile and waved the jade pendant in her hand.

Gu Xi was stunned at first, but then came to a sudden realization.

The so-called bidding here was not spirit stones, but points in their hands!

“Many contestants may have limited strength, so they are unable to obtain many points. Hence, this trend has been in vogue since a few years ago. The contestants who are not strong enough will not choose to hunt demon beasts after entering this place, but choose to search for the ruins or Secret Realms here. They will bring the spirit treasures they obtained here to be auctioned in exchange for points ranking.”

“What do you want to eat, Miss Pei?”

Xie Jiaye ordered a few dishes when he heard Pei Yunge say slowly, “President Xie knows that I’m not here to eat.”

“Miss Pei, what’s the hurry? I’ve brought the things too, but…”

Xie Jiaye pushed the box in front of Pei Yunge and continued to cut his steak slowly. “I heard that Miss Pei’s results at Yun University are not bad. Shouldn’t you go back after receiving your results? This way, the Master will have a better impression of you.”


Pei Yunge raised an eyebrow.

Xie Jiaye said with a smile, “The family head likes Miss Pei a lot. If Miss Pei can make the family head happy, it’s not impossible for her to inherit the medical institute.”

However, Pei Yunge chuckled and asked slowly, “Why? Is the Xie family so short of people?”

Xie Jiaye’s eyes darkened as he looked at Pei Yunge. It was only then that he realized that this Elder Young Miss of the Qin family was really not to be trifled with.