Chapter 1539 - The Direction of Humiliation! Master Pei's Is Nominated With Her High Score!

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Chapter 1539: The Direction of Humiliation! Master Pei’s Is Nominated With Her High Score!

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Seeing the big boss he had been thinking about day and night being pushed out just like that, Warle’s expression did not look too good.

He looked at Si Chengyan, who was smiling like a tiger, and knew that he was probably sent by Yun University to prevent poaching.

Warle smiled carelessly. “Who knows? With Miss Pei’s outstanding qualities, she might change her mind one day and want to try life in Continent K.”

Si Chengyan was speechless.

A principal of a top famous school actually had no sense of shame??

Pei Yunge, who had been pushed out, did not know how strong the smell of gunpowder was inside as she walked along the corridor with Song Yao.

Coincidentally, they saw an unfamiliar woman not far away surrounded by everyone.

“Professor Qiao Lan, we’re all your fans. You’re really amazing.”

“If anyone can become your student, it will be their blessing.”

Hearing the praises around her, Qiao Lan was already tired of hearing them. She maintained a distant smile and politeness. “I also welcome everyone to apply for PhD studies under me.”

The people around were extremely excited, but before they could speak, they glanced around and were stunned by a pair of extremely good-looking girls passing by.

“F*ck, is that Song Yao?”

“Who else? The Newcomer King of Yun University this year seems to be called Pei Yunge. Her family is extremely rich. Besides, I heard from my friend from Yun University…”

“She was the one who achieved four consecutive victories last time!”

“That ruthless person who teased Qu Li on the field? Damn, isn’t her appearance too f*cking good?!”

“She’s worthy of the post about her and Qu Li being a couple on K University’s forum recently.” The person beside her exclaimed.

This appearance could be said to be excessively beautiful. Her bright eyes were arrogant and reckless. Even if her eyes were a little cold, she would be charmed by her unruly youthful high spirits!

This face and temperament of both men and women were simply too special.

If someone posted this person’s photo on K University’s forum, it would probably be popular for months…

The person beside her said meaningfully, “Sister, don’t think about it. Who do you think Song Yao can come to Continent K for?”

Hearing this, everyone watched as the two of them left. A thought appeared in their minds—

Was she here to assert dominance?

At this moment, only Qiao Lan’s expression did not look too good.

The first time, she was ignored by everyone because she was passing by. Instead, she discussed others with relish.

Wasn’t she, Qiao Lan, the focus of everyone’s discussion in the past?

This feeling of having her halo snatched away made Qiao Lan feel uncomfortable. Her eyes darkened.

She was actually Pei Yunge.

It was clearly just a casual brush of shoulders. The other party did not even look at her, but it already gave Qiao Lan a bad feeling.

In the buffet restaurant.

Sensing the gazes around her, Pei Yunge furrowed her eyebrows unconsciously. Her eyes were a little cold as she slowly glanced at everyone who was sizing her up.

It scared the rest of the people so much that they immediately looked away.

Song Yao watched Pei Yunge’s malicious and scary actions. “…What are you doing?”

Pei Yunge pulled up her hood and leaned lazily to the side. The corners of her lips curled up in a wicked smile as she said frankly.

Song Yao was speechless.

Was there anyone more childish than her?

After taking her seat, Song Yao slowly ate her diet meal. After all, she needed to maintain her photogenic state.

After a while, someone suddenly called her.

Song Yao had just looked up and was about to speak when a prawn covered in sauce was stuffed into her mouth.

Song Yao usually liked to eat fish and prawn dishes the most. However, she had gotten a manicure and could not peel the shell, so she was too lazy to eat it.

“If you continue to lose weight, I think there’s a need to tear down your lousy company.”

Seeing Song Yao accept the feeding belatedly, Pei Yunge’s lips curled up as she said slowly.

Song Yao had been forcefully fed a lot of carbohydrates for this meal. Although she was afraid that there would be a mistake in the management of her body, her mood was much better.

“Yunge, do you have any plans for the next two days?”

Song Yao thought that Pei Yunge had come to Continent K, so she specially chose a MV in Continent K to film and come and see her.

As Pei Yunge peeled prawns for Song Yao, she said lazily, “No.”

What Pei Yunge never thought was that things would always go against her wishes.

In the underground laboratory.

Looking at the 59-mark paper in his hand, a trace of ridicule and sneer appeared in Old Master An’s eyes. “The first person to be eliminated as the heir is such an ambitious person!”

Without even looking, Elder An threw Pei Yunge’s analysis paper into the rubbish bin and even instructed in disgust, “Remember to get rid of all the rubbish in this rubbish bin later!”

The subordinate was scared witless. “Yes.”

This Pei Yunge had angered Old Master An.

In the Xie family, although Old Master An did not participate in disputes, he had a veto power in the selection of the heir.

It seemed like there was no hope for this Pei Yunge.

Just as the subordinate came to a conclusion and left in a hurry, Elder An started to throw the second analysis paper into the rubbish bin.

When Old Master An realized that more than half of the analysis paper had been thrown into the rubbish bin, his expression became even more strange…

The subordinate had just come in to deliver tea and snacks to Elder An when he saw Elder An smoking silently as he flipped through the analysis paper that had been thrown into the rubbish bin numbly.

Even if one could not see Old Master An’s expression, they could feel his pain and torture.

A glint flashed in Old Master An’s eyes as he muttered, “This Pei Yunge seems to be not bad…”

The subordinate was speechless.

Was this another humiliation?

At first, Old Master An felt that Pei Yunge was too arrogant and conceited. She was not the right candidate to be the heir at all.

However, when Elder An saw a pile of 30 to 40-point analysis papers, he almost had a heart attack! He did not even understand why this year’s heir selection was so bad!?

The highest score was only 86!

Even Pei Yunge, who scored 59 points, was considered a high scorer?!

After being angry for a while, Old Master An suddenly realized something.

Pei Yunge left after 12 minutes, but the rest of the people took two hours to submit their answers.

Old Master An narrowed his eyes as he watched Pei Yunge score the most difficult second round. She even scored nine points more than the first place in the 86-point test.

Old Master An sat on the floor and suddenly laughed loudly. “There’s actually a good seedling.”

He almost missed her.

This girl was really sneaky.

“What did you say? Pu Manhe was invited over by Pei Yunge?”

Xie Jiaye’s expression was terrible. Then, he quickly turned to look at Xie Zhongqiu, who was also in disbelief. “Grandpa, is the Park family also eyeing the Xie family covetously?”

Xie Zhongqiu’s expression darkened even more. “Say it again. Who else is there other than Pu Manhe?”