Chapter 1021 - There’s A Mole In The Company?

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“It’s nothing. I’m just giving her a taste of her own medicine.”Huo Chenhuan smiled, “Doesn’t she like to slander others and sow discord between husband and wife? It’s obvious that even though she’s married and has such a grown son, she still has a heart that wants to fly out.”


“I’ve helped her.”

Huo Chenhuan did not really want to do anything to that woman. He just wanted people to take the initiative to approach her and take a few photos to send to her husband.

Cheng Fenglang’s father was indeed weak and incompetent, but as long as he was a man with a temper, he would not be able to accept being cuckolded by his wife.

Therefore, a few months ago, the whole family had been in an uproar and almost broke up.

He did not expect that they would still have the strength to play tricks behind his back.

Thinking of this, a cold light flashed in Huo Chenhuan’s eyes. If this matter had nothing to do with them, then forget it. If it really had something to do with them, he did not mind letting their family really break up.

Su Yayan saw Huo Chenhuan’s expression and knew what he was thinking. She could vaguely see Huo Chenhuan, who had lost everything in her previous life and was trying his best to kill the culprits who had harmed her.

She subconsciously reached out to hold Huo Chenhuan’s hand and smiled faintly. “Although I’m very happy that you did all this for me, I hope that you can tell me earlier next time.”

Huo Chenhuan saw that Su Yayan was not angry because of his own decision, and a warm smile appeared in his eyes. He replied in a low voice, “Okay.”

Seeing that the young couple had come to a conclusion, they did not say anything else. “According to Yanyan, this family might really do something like this. However, Junhao has already listened to Yanyan’s words and did not let Cheng Fenglang into the company. How did he…”

“If a person wants to do evil, there are plenty of ways. Although he didn’t enter Uncle’s company, as long as he can contact Uncle’s employees in the company…”

“Are you suspecting that there’s a mole in the company?”

When Su Yuxuan heard this, he interjected quickly. “I think that at this juncture, it’s very likely that there’s a mole in the company. However, whether this matter is related to Cheng Fenglang or not, there’s still no concrete evidence, so it’s hard to say. However, since their family is so jealous of our family, they can’t wait for us to cut off all our descendants and hand over the family property to them. Even if this matter has nothing to do with them, they might have done something else behind the scenes. It’s not a big deal to investigate.”

“That’s right.” Su Yuxuan’s words received the support of everyone present.

After confirming the direction of the investigation, the few of them did not continue this topic. Su Yayan could tell that the old man was in a bad mood, so she gave the baby to Cheng Xiuqin, letting her and Qin Xueru take the two children to accompany Grandpa Cheng and make him happy.

She went into the small kitchen to prepare a big meal for everyone, using the delicious food to comfort the few shocked elders.

Before she started, she did not forget to turn on the livestream.

The audience in Su Yayan’s livestream room was used to Su Yayan’s surprise livestreaming from time to time. Even if Su Yayan did not do any previews, every time she turned on the livestream, there would still be countless audience members who set priority reminders to rush over at the fastest speed, she pushed it to the most conspicuous position on the front page.

This time was no exception.

[Just after class, I found out that the host had started broadcasting. I’m on cloud nine!]

[This is the first time that I’ve entered the host’s live streaming room before the audience broke 10,000. I’ll take a screenshot as a memento, hahaha…]

[Eh, with this setting, did the host go to a relative’s house again?]