Chapter 1025 - It Had Such An Effect?

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After Su Yayan promoted her scar removal ointment in her store in the livestream broadcast room, she left this matter at the back of her mind.

After another three or four days, she suddenly received a call from someone in the store telling her that all the scar removal ointment in the store had been sold out. Should she restock now or wait a little longer?

When Su Yayan heard this, she was a little surprised. Previously, she had placed the items in the store to sell just to test the waters. In fact, there were not many finished products produced.

Furthermore, a few cosmetic companies might have realized that Su Yayan had a tendency to develop beauty products, and they felt a sense of crisis. They bought a few batches of trolls and came down early to speak ill of her, they even began to secretly smear some of the things that were selling well in their store.

It was not that Su Yayan did not know about these things. It was just that recently, everyone’s attention had been focused on what happened to the Cheng family, and they were temporarily unable to spare time to deal with these people.

In the end, she had not even had the chance to strike a blow at some people, and the matter had already been resolved by itself.

Su Yayan was puzzled, so she simply logged into her account and saw a real-time trending hashtag that said, #miraclescarremovalointment.

She clicked on it and found out that it was a makeup vlogger on their website who had commented on her store’s scar removal ointment and had even livestreamed her recovery stages.

Most importantly, after this vlogger used up the scar-removing ointment, not only did her scar become lighter, even her skin had become much better.

Su Yayan, “???” I actually did not know that my ointment had such an effect!

Xiao Cai, who was doing the evaluation, obviously did not expect such a surprise. She withstood the sarcastic comments of the haters for three days, and the small acne marks on her face had obviously changed, becoming much lighter.

The scar on her arm was slightly more serious than these small pimples. However, if one compared them to the photos from the first day, one would find that the originally hideous scars had become much lighter compared to before, and the color was also gradually becoming closer to her surrounding skin color.

Xiao Cai was also delighted when she found that the scars on her hands and face had changed. She felt that she did not have the wrong fans, so she worked even harder to help the evaluation of this ointment.

However, the initial focus was still on removing the scars, and she did not think of anything else. On the morning of the eighth day after the livestream broadcast, Xiao Cai’s mother casually said, “Have you been staying up less lately? Your complexion is much better, and your skin looks better.”

Xiao Cai was also stunned when she heard her mother say this. She subconsciously touched her face. She did not know if it was because of psychological effects, but she felt that the skin on her face was indeed a little better.

Because she had to go to work during the day and do her livestream broadcast at night, she had to have her makeup on for extended hours. Her skin naturally became rougher and rougher. It was fine from afar when she was not wearing makeup, but it was really bad if she zoomed in on it at a close distance.

This was also one of the reasons why those anti-fans liked to criticize her. It was not easy for one to be a makeup vlogger if she did not have good skin.

Xiao Cai did not pay too much attention to it at first. She only thought that the spots on her face had faded and were no longer as bumpy as before. Her skin naturally looked much better.

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A few days later, about a week after her first evaluation of the livestream broadcast, many viewers in Xiao Cai’s livestream broadcast room gradually realized this point. The discussion of her skin suddenly getting better also increased a lot.

There were even a few diehard fans who collaborated to compile a screenshot of Xiao Cai’s skin condition during her livestream broadcast this week.