Chapter 1026 - Positive Feedback

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Originally, she had not felt anything from observing it day by day, but now she was unexpectedly comparing it to a week ago. Not to mention the audience watching the livestream broadcast these days, even Xiao Cai herself had noticed that something was wrong.

Her skin seemed to have really improved a lot.

The others did not know, but as the person involved, Xiao Cai was clear about it. Although she also used some skincare products, she only used some of them all year round, so she knew how effective they were.

The only variable in her skincare routine this week was that bottle of scar removal ointment.

This discovery surprised Xiao Cai. Seeing more and more people in the livestream broadcast room asking about this, she did not hide it. In front of the many viewers in the livestream broadcast room, she told them about this deduction.

The result was predictable. The scar removal ointment, which originally did not sell very well in Su Yayan’s store, was sold out in an instant.

Although some spammers in Xiao Cai’s livestream broadcast room ridiculed Xiao Cai for making false advertisements for this kind of unknown product that did not have any reputation or any safety guarantee, earning black-hearted money.

However, the changes that she had made over the past week were real. The comparison chart that her fans had compiled was also real. Facts spoke louder than words.

Moreover, to some people, the temptation of becoming beautiful was greater than anything else.

Even if some makeup companies had the foresight to prevent explosions, they still could not stop these people from giving money to Su Yayan.

Su Yayan looked at the beautiful female host who was praising her ointment in the video. For a moment, she even suspected that this was a new move that the other company came up with and wanted to kill her business!

In the end, what really dispelled Su Yayan’s doubts was the feedback from Li Annan’s side.

Long before this ointment was available for sale, Su Yayan had already sent some to Li Annan.

However, the burns on Li Annan’s body were serious. The scars on Xiao Cai’s body were nothing compared to hers, so the effect was relatively slower.

When Su Yayan received a call from the Li family, the first thing she heard was a woman’s crying voice. “Is it Miss Su?”

Su Yayan was stunned by this situation. She was silent for a few seconds before she said, “Yes, I am. May I ask who you are?”

“Hello, Miss Su. I am Annan’s mother…”

“Hello, Mrs. Li.” Su Yayan raised her eyebrows. “Could something have happened to Miss Li? Is the ointment I sent earlier not working?”

“No, no, no. The ointment that you sent over is useful. It’s very useful.” As Mrs. Li spoke, she sounded like she was crying again. She could not explain it for a long time, and Su Yayan was confused.

If it’s useful, why was she crying? Could it be that Miss Li’s mother did not want her daughter to recover quickly and live a normal life?

Without waiting for Su Yayan to think further, someone took over the phone.

“Miss Su.”

Su Yayan immediately recognized Li Annan’s voice. “Yes.”

“My mother lost her composure due to her excitement just now. I hope that she did not offend you because of this.”

“You are too polite. She did not offend me at all. It’s just that Mrs. Li and you suddenly called me. Is something the matter?”

“Actually, it’s nothing much. I’ve used the ointment that you sent earlier. The effect is better than I expected. Thank you very much. Also, I’ve decided to follow your previous suggestion and have plastic surgery. After the surgery, I hope that you can help me further. I would be extremely grateful.”