Chapter 1027 - Two Pieces Of Good News

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Su Yayan instantly understood. No wonder Mrs. Li was so excited that she was about to cry. It seemed that this girl had finally come to her senses and was willing to undergo surgery.

“It’s good that you have come to your senses. I will do my best.”

In the past, when Su Yayan said these words, Li Annan would only feel that she was deliberately evading her and was being vague so that she could leave some leeway if she could not cure her but could not bear to part with the compensation that her family had offered.

However, after seeing the effects of the ointment and seeing the scars on her wounds visibly fade, Li Annan’s heart which was still for a long time finally had a glimmer of hope.

Maybe… maybe she really had a chance to change her appearance, to stand in front of everyone with a new attitude, and to continue her dream.

Su Yayan exchanged a few more words with Li Annan. After confirming the next time they would meet, she hung up the phone.

Genuine gold would always shine. Due to Xiao Cai’s promotion, the scar removal ointment in the medicinal cuisine restaurant was sold out for a while before it was restocked.

At this time, the first batch of customers also shared their feedback.

In an instant, the name of the food and entertainment restaurant once again appeared on the trending hashtags.

The restaurant specialized in managing its public social media account. Other than the time when they were drawing numbers, the account managers were inevitably bombarded by countless customers who wanted to buy this scar removal ointment.

Even several relatively famous actors in the industry chased after them. They secretly made use of the convenience of their identities to preorder the next batch of unsold ointment in advance.

One had to know that actors, especially those who were filming historical dramas, needed to exert pressure. Even those martial arts actors who personally went on stage to film martial arts scenes would have scars on their bodies.

It was fine if the scars were in places that were not obvious, but if the scars were on their faces, that would be a big problem.

Now that there was a ready-made miracle cure for removing scars, regardless of whether the person had a scar or not, they all wanted to stock up on a few bottles. Those with scars could remove scars, and those without scars were said to be able to beautify themselves!

There were quite a number of people who had such thoughts. This also led to a period of time in which the supply of this ointment simply could not keep up with the demand.

Regardless of whether it was a rush purchase or a preorder, each and every one of them threw money at Su Yayan’s store as if they had a gold mine at home.

Cheng Junhao still had shares in the medicinal cuisine restaurant. Although he had been vilified after the incident and his company’s innocence had been cleared, because of those unscrupulous media taking money to spread more untruths… there were still some people who were led by the nose. They had already boycotted the restaurant before the truth had been investigated.

It still caused some losses to the company that was difficult to make up for. It also caused Cheng Junhao to be in a terrible state. He was worried about whether he should give up his old face and borrow some money from his relatives to turn the situation around.

Now that the money was in place, everything was easy. Cheng Junhao did not have to worry about whether or not he should borrow money. No matter how he borrowed money, the company would be able to come back to life.

Cheng Junhao’s heart was relieved. The way he looked at his niece became kinder. It was as if he was looking at a pile of gold that was about to jump into his pocket.

Su Yayan, “…” Don’t look at me like that. It’s scary!

Everything that happened in the Cheng family was safe and sound. At the same time, there were two other pieces of good news.

One was that the evidence that Huo Chenhuan had sent Yu Ziyan and the others to the research institute had been recovered. With this evidence, not only could it wash away the rumors about Grandpa Cheng, but it could also send that backstabbing guy straight to jail.

Other than that, the other piece of good news was naturally that the matter that Su Yayan had sent Cheng Junhao and the others to investigate had come to light.