Chapter 1028 - Well Done!

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Just as she had expected, Cheng Fenglang was indeed involved in this matter. There was indeed a mole in Cheng Junhao’s company.

However, Cheng Fenglang did not manage to enter the company and become a senior executive. There were only a limited number of senior executives that he could contact. The mole he was looking for was only the team leader of a department in the company.

If he could not get in touch with the internal core management of the company, it was even more impossible for him to create a series of false evidence to drag Cheng Junhao’s company into the water like in his previous life.

What really surprised Su Yayan and the others was that the person behind this was not just Cheng Fenglang. There was another person, an… old acquaintance.

“Song Yunyuan? How could it be her?”

When the crowd heard Su Yayan’s words, they suddenly raised their heads and looked over.

“Yanyan, do you know her?”

Su Yayan subconsciously turned to look at Huo Chenhuan. Huo Chenhuan was surprised to hear this name. He was silent for a long time before he said in a deep voice, “She is the daughter of the Song family.”

“The Song family? Which Song family?”

Su Yayan knew that he was too embarrassed to say that. She snorted and explained on his behalf, “What Song family? Why don’t you just say that she used to be your pursuer?”

When the elders heard this, their eyes were like searchlights that kept shooting at Huo Chenhuan, as if they wanted to poke him into a sieve on the spot.

Huo Chenhuan was under a lot of pressure from them. He braced himself and said, “It’s just that I don’t like her and have never treated her well. This can be proved by my words.”

Cheng Xiuqin raised her eyebrows and looked at her daughter. “Really?”

“Yes. She pestered Chenhuan before the incident with the Huo family and wanted to marry him. Then, something happened to Chenhuan’s legs and the Huo family. She ran away faster than anyone else and her whole family migrated abroad.”

Su Yuxuan narrowed his eyes and immediately caught the loophole in his sister’s words. “Since she pestered him before the accident and you didn’t know him at that time, how do you know all this?”

“Uh… this…” Su Yayan turned to look at her own man with a helpless look.

Huo Chenhuan sighed and said truthfully, “This woman came back a year ago. When Yanyan was pregnant, she sent something specious to sow discord between us husband and wife.”

When Huo Chenhuan said this, the expressions of everyone present changed again.

Huo Chenhuan’s legs had not recovered for a long time. When Miss Song met with an accident, she ran away faster than a rabbit. Her entire family had even migrated abroad. It was obvious that she did not intend to come back for the rest of her life unless it was absolutely necessary.

However, the truth was that she came back a year ago. After Huo Chenhuan’s legs recovered, she came back. She even secretly schemed and schemed to sow discord between husband and wife by stirring up trouble when Su Yayan was pregnant, trying to take advantage of the pregnant women’s unstable mood.

What was Miss Song up to? It could be said that everyone knew about her intentions!

“Why haven’t I heard about this before?”

Su Yayan touched her nose guiltily. “It’s not a big deal. I didn’t take it to heart at that time. When Chenhuan found out about it, he immediately took care of the matter, so I didn’t say anything.”

“Took care of the matter? How?”

“I asked someone to check where she lived and got people to kidnap her, put her on a plane, and send her overseas.”

When Huo Chenhuan said that, the way they looked at him changed again. It was no longer as cold as before. Instead, it was a little complicated.

It seemed that they did not expect Huo Chenhuan to do that. He tied her up and sent her back on a plane. It was too rough.

However, when they thought about how this person had tried to destroy Su Yayan’s family, they still had to say, “Well done!”