Chapter 1029 - Relatives That Were Like Enemies

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Huo Chenhuan saw that the few of them looked better and knew that he had escaped a disaster. He secretly heaved a sigh of relief.

He turned his head and met Su Yayan’s half-smiling eyes. He felt helpless and amused at the same time.

“When I sent her out of the country, I even asked someone to send her a message. She did not take it to heart and still dared to come back.”

Upon hearing Huo Chenhuan’s words, Su Yuxuan snorted coldly. “She can lick her own skin and come back to bite the hand that feeds her. What else is there to be afraid of? However, there is something that I need to tell you so that you can be mentally prepared.”

Su Yayan and Huo Chenhuan looked at each other and asked curiously, “What?”

“According to the investigation, the reason Miss Song was able to return to the country successfully and get involved in this matter was that she borrowed the connections of a relative of hers.”

“Relative?” Huo Chenhuan’s expression changed slightly. “Could it be…”

Upon hearing what he said, Su Yayan knew that he must know something, so she looked at him inquiringly.

Huo Chenhuan did not hide anything. “It should be Auntie Song.”

“Auntie Song?” Su Yayan was shocked. Although Auntie Song’s surname was also Song, she had never thought that she would have any relationship with Miss Song.

“Is she related to Miss Song?”

“Yes, but their relations are distant.” Huo Chenhuan paused and said, “The Song family has always been… powerful.”

For example, the reason why Song Yunyuan had taken a liking to Huo Chenhuan was not only because of his looks but also because of his status as the young master of the Huo family and the future heir of the Huo Corporation. She wanted to use the marriage with the Huo family to soar to the sky.

“Auntie Song’s father had broken off contact with the Song family because he was determined to marry an ordinary girl. When Song Yunyuan pestered me, my parents had not been in contact with Auntie Song for a long time. But they found out from somewhere that Auntie Song knew my parents. They went to Auntie Song’s house to harass her and asked her to contact my mother to help put in some good words for Song Yunyuan so that she could marry me.”

Su Yayan was shocked. She did not expect that there was such a history behind this.

“Then, Auntie Song…”

“How could Auntie Song not know what it’s like to be part of the family? Not only did she not say anything good about Song Yunyuan to my mother, she even told my mother about her history with the Song family. Then, she moved away with Uncle Luo.”

“Pfft…” Su Yayan could not help but laugh. “What kind of monster is the Song family? Auntie Song was forced to move because of them.”

Huo Chenhuan saw her laugh and could not help but smile. “They are monsters, aren’t they? When they don’t need you, they don’t even look at you. When they need you, they will stick to you. They are scarier than vampires. I guess Auntie Song can’t stand the provocation but she can still hide.”

“What happened after that?”

“What else could have happened after that? My parents originally had a good impression of Song Yunyuan. They didn’t like her that much. They just felt that it was quite novel for a girl to take the initiative to chase after me. At that time, I already made it clear to my parents that I didn’t like her. With their family causing such a ruckus, my parents would stop whatever thoughts they had.”

Su Yayan and the others also sighed when they heard what he said. This could be considered a double whammy.

“According to what you said, Auntie Song’s relationship with the Song family should be quite poor.” This act of revealing the other party’s background was so desperate that they even talked about blood relatives. They were basically enemies!