Chapter 1030 - Two Rotten Peach Blossoms Scheming Together

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“Then how could she still use Auntie Song’s connections to do these things?”

Huo Chenhuan narrowed his eyes and sneered, “I think it’s possible that she’s doing this behind Auntie Song’s back, and Auntie Song might not know about it. But whether she knows or not, it’s better to let her know about this.”

Su Yayan did not have any objections to this. She had a good impression of Luo Baogeng and his wife. She also knew that their family did not have a good relationship with Song Yunyuan’s family, so she felt that there was a greater chance that they did not know about it.

Su Yuxuan listened on the side and had a rough idea, he was angry and amused at the same time, “After all this time, these two masterminds, one of them is your rotten peach blossom, and the other is your husband’s rotten peach blossom. These two rotten peach blossoms are even scheming together? Are they trying to break you up and split the spoils?”

Huo Chenhuan and Su Yayan were speechless. What on earth? Splitting the spoils?!

Not only were the two involved shocked, but the others were also shocked by his words.

There was a sudden silence in the room, and someone could not help but laugh out loud. The others finally reacted and started laughing.

Su Yayan and Huo Chenhuan looked at each other, their faces helpless but unable to refute.

That night, Huo Chenhuan called Luo Baogeng and told him what had happened.

The two of them were surprised, especially Song Linghua.

“I knew something bad would happen when she came back!”

Song Yunyuan did not like her family, but she was still an elder. It would be petty to argue with her juniors.

Therefore, she did not care too much about Song Yunyuan’s return. As long as she did not cause any trouble, she would turn a blind eye to this weird relative.

Who would have thought that she had the intention to ignore this junior? This junior had used all his strength to cause trouble for her family and almost caused her and her husband to lose their relationship.

“Chenhuan, Yanyan, this matter was indeed our negligence. I didn’t expect…”

Su Yayan could hear the guilt in Song Linghua’s words. “I know. I still know about your and Director Luo’s character. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have called you the moment I found out about this. I wanted to let you know the whole story so that you wouldn’t have any unnecessary misunderstandings in the future.”

“That’s right.” Song Linghua was relieved when she heard what Su Yayan said.

She had just given up her old face a few days ago and asked Su Yayan to treat the Li family’s granddaughter. Not long after that, her relatives stabbed Su Yayan’s mother’s family in the back.

When Song Linghua and her husband thought of this, they felt ashamed and said apologetically, “Although I didn’t know about this, she did it under our name. We let you and your grandfather down…”

“Auntie Song, please don’t say that. Since this has nothing to do with you, how can we let you take the blame for others? The reason I called you today is mainly to help you understand the specific situation so everyone knows what’s going on. Secondly, I also wanted to ask her about what she did. Do you and Director Luo…”

Song Linghua was not stupid. She immediately understood what Su Yayan meant, she said in a deep voice, “Don’t worry about that. We are relatives, but we have long lost our kinship. You can do whatever you want with this matter. You don’t have to worry about us.”