Chapter 1033 - Won’t Shed Tears Until You See The Coffin

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However, just as she started, Huo Chenhuan sent people to pack her up and send her on the plane.

Song Yunyuan was full of confidence when she came back, and she was humiliated when she was sent back. She did not believe that Huo Chenhuan would treat her like that. It must be… it must be that this woman found out the truth and secretly chased her away behind his back.

Song Yunyuan looked at Su Yayan with a cold and vicious gaze. “Chenhuan, don’t be fooled by this woman. She is a shameless b*tch. Do you know that she had people kidnap me behind your back and force me to leave? She even threatened me that if I dared to come back to find you again, she would kill me and my family. Don’t look at how gentle and considerate she is in front of you. In fact, she is a vicious b*tch!”

“Are you done scolding her?”

“What?” Song Yunyuan looked at Huo Chenhuan, whose face was as cold as ice and whose eyes were as cold as if they were going to pierce her. She could not help but shiver and suddenly had a bad feeling.

“It seems that you haven’t learned your lesson from the previous incident. You didn’t take what I asked Ziyan to warn you to heart at all.”

“You…” Huo Chenhuan’s words were equivalent to admitting that everything that happened before was indeed his doing.

Even if he did not give the order himself, he must have given his approval.

Song Yunyuan’s eyes narrowed. She had suffered quite a blow.

She could not accept that Huo Chenhuan really did not have any feelings for her. It was just like how Huo Chenhuan had rejected her countless times back then, but she was the one who had stubbornly chased after him.

At the end, when Huo Chenhuan was in trouble, she ran away faster than anyone else.

After learning that his legs had recovered, Song Yunyuan had even taken the initiative to beautify everything that had happened back then. She believed that Huo Chenhuan also had feelings for her. It was only because she had left and hurt his heart that he had to settle for the second best, she had been taken advantage of by another woman.

As long as she reappeared and awakened Huo Chenhuan’s love for her, that poor substitute would sooner or later be abandoned by him.

“It’s you! It’s you, isn’t it? It’s you who deliberately said bad things about me in front of Chenhuan to ruin his impression of me, you shameless b*tch, b*tch!”

“You really won’t shed tears until you see the coffin.” Su Yayan really thought that this woman was crazy, “You’re just a superficial person who worships the high and tramples on the low. You run away whenever you encounter trouble. As soon as you find that there’s a profit to be made, you immediately try every means to stick to it. What gives you the confidence to make you feel that your image in the eyes of the world is pure and unattainable?”

Song Yunyuan’s face was livid. She opened her mouth, wanting to refute.

However, Su Yayan did not intend to give her this opportunity at all. “The person involved is here. Do you want to ask him whether he has ever had even the slightest bit of affection for you?”

“No.” As soon as Su Yayan finished her sentence, Huo Chenhuan denied it without hesitation. “I only loved you before, now, and in the future. I won’t like anyone else but you.”

Huo Chenhuan’s merciless words suddenly stifled the already disharmonious atmosphere. Su Yayan was the first to react. Looking at Song Yunyuan’s pale face, she felt an unspeakable sense of relief.

“Do you understand now?”

Song Yunyuan was like a sick cat whose tail had been stepped on. She opened her mouth with a ferocious expression and was about to curse, but Huo Chenhuan interrupted her.